What To Do With a Bad Online Review!

That bi#&*!  I reshuffled my schedule and saw her over lunch (outside my normal hours) and spent lots of time with her.  I also said it would take more than a single adjustment to get her rolling again.  I can’t believe what she said about me in an online review.  She dragged me through the mud!  And it’s all so untrue! 

What happens when an uneducated or a non-believer comes into your office with unrealistic demands and expectations?

No matter how many times you tell them that this will take time to get this way and will take time to correct, they can’t or won’t hear you. Those people want a “one and done”.

Conventional wisdom says you must care for every patient.  But is it really true?

There is another option; when you have a doctor run an office with boundaries, some people are better cared for in a different office or even an emergency room.

The gist of the online review said that they felt that they should feel better after a single treatment and the doctor was being unreasonable insisting that this condition was long-standing.  Besides that, she was ‘out of network’ and had to pay $100 out of pocket for an overpriced exam and x-rays.

When our brand new client told me this on a coaching call, I shocked her with my counterintuitive advice:

“Enlarge it and put it up on the wall”

She said, “Wait, what?”

Enlarge it and put it up on the wall for all of your patients who followed the guidelines and are happy with your care.

“She’s not one of us”, barked one patient.  Another said, “what does she think; she’s going to lose 50 pounds the first workout session?”

Her patients rallied around her and wrote their own online reviews talking about how they received great results by committing to their care.

These bad reviews aren’t going to stop you from running your practice.

Don’t attempt to appeal to all people.

Don’t attempt to convince or prove to people they are in the right office.  Both the patient and the doctor know when they are!