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Is the loneliness creeping up?

Remember all the fun you had while at Chiro College? There was so much fun and craziness with your classmates and love for Chiropractic. What else could have got you through all of the tests, studying for boards, and arrogant professors? The moment we stepped off that graduation platform, we traded in the fun and…

It’s time to stop playing Deal or No Deal in your office

Back in the day, there was a show called Let’s Make a Deal with Monty Hall. Fast forward a few decades and now there is an updated version called Deal or No Deal with Howie Mandel. The basic idea of the show is: do you keep what you have or do you gamble it away…

“Can Chiropractic help with..?”

You’ve had it drilled into your head to sound like a robotic doctor just spewing out scientific information. Chiropractic school taught you to speak scientific and analytical but not how to pick up on obvious social cues. If someone looks at their watch or is trying to walk away from you, they don’t want any…

Who do you work for?

Maybe you’ve been in practice for a while or you’re just a tadpole DC, either way, one thing is for sure…insurance companies run the show. Up to 40% of your time and resources are spent on the battle with insurance companies for the money you’ve already earned. They are a giant and oppressive fear in…

Change for the better

You know you’ve said these words, “I wish I could shift from insurance to cash.” You want to stop accepting nightmarish and low committed patients. You want more retention and referrals. Switch from insurance reimbursement recommendations to clinical recommendations. Don’t you want to see more kids, difficult cases, and wellness care? What really stops us…

This will make all the difference

I know what you’re thinking…a snazzy new way of selling something to people that they don’t need, a new bright shiny object, or the next version of a temporary solution. Sorry if this is lame to some readers but it’s none of those! Here it is: Calling your practice members and welcoming them to your…
The End of Struggle

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