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When being okay is not okay

I am calling to arms all DCs who are sick and tired of being kicked around financially, being a slave to insurance companies, and being told by patients how it’s going to be. There you sit, crouched behind your computer, hoping to find something to solve your ever-present office problems. Either you’re just getting by…

The true meaning of Thanksgiving

Forgiveness, acceptance, and tolerance are terms that are thrown around usually in political debates or marketing campaigns that want your vote, to make some money, or get legislature passed. They spread these terms like rotten cranberry sauce over the same ole, leftover turkey sandwich. As a doctor and a humanitarian, there are more pressing needs…

Is your confidence lacking?

One of the most real separating factors among DCs is their confidence level. It seems like when your confidence is low, practice members catch on to it. They won’t agree to recommendations and don’t want to pay your fees. When you talk to prospective practice members, everything seems to go great until they start to…

Confessions of an uncommitted Chiropractor

You came out of school with a dream of helping every person you could reach. Children, adults, difficult cases, seniors, and everyone in between. You promised yourself that nothing ever would get in the way of that dream. The rewards of that promise made are a life worth living and a world worth living in.…

Throw the insurance guidelines away!

There is a severely overlooked factor in patient care that most DCs just seem to be missing the boat on. It’s your recommendations! Strictly following insurance guidelines only cripples your ability as a clinician. It also adversely affects your income. Want proof? Imagine someone in your family is injured or suffering, will you follow your…

“Does insurance cover this?”

You’ve heard all of the excuses before; “I’ll get back to you”, “I have to go home and run this by my spouse”, “I can’t afford it”, “does insurance cover it?” They all seem so logical, so reasonable, so truthful, and yet…they are all cover-ups for just one thing. You are asking for commitment and…
The End of Struggle

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