Is It Too Late For You?


You originally got into Chiropractic to make a difference. You either settled to become an associate or you ventured into the frigid, shark-infested waters to become an owner. That was a few years ago…has it been worth it?

I have helped Chiropractors since 2000 and one thing is abundantly apparent: Covid exposed Chiropractors’ satisfaction with their practices. So many Chiropractors are not happy, don’t enjoy the scarcity, and are just treading water and getting nowhere.

The logical conclusion by many is to say Chiropractic didn’t serve their needs. The experience of their practice didn’t live up to their expectations. The reality is the Chiropractor was unprepared for the adventure. Owning a practice takes so much more than a degree and license.

With 95% of a graduating Chiropractic class retreating or running for the hills to work someone else’s dream, is it any wonder that expectations have been lowered for the many?

TNR has always been about the few, not the many. Are you disillusioned with your current circumstances and willing to do something about it?

As with any human endeavor, it takes bold, decisive action to move you toward what you want and away from what you don’t want.

Are there any yet-to-be superstars out there? 

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