Where Have The Principles of Chiropractic Gone?


It’s not just the principles that have vanished; the miracle of Chiropractic has vanished as well. So many people think of Chiropractic only as a last-ditch attempt to lessen back pain. What a shame!

 Billing software, technique, tinctures and lotions, virtual Chiropractic, insurance inclusion, and BSOs (pain-reducing modalities) have taken top billing away from Chiropractic as many see the income from adjustments dwindle every year.

Instead of jumping ship to the latest and best new bright shiny object of income production, learn how to increase Chiropractic in your practice.

The income derived from Chiropractic is not the only thing that has decreased for many Chiropractors. The passion and excitement that originally fueled their mission to become a Chiropractor have withered away as well.

Although this is not the case for many Chiropractors, for the few, this has been the best time to be a Chiropractor. Seeing sick and well kids and adults is something that connects us all. We all need to be healthy. Far too many Chiropractors accept disease and disability as a way of life. They continue to pursue an endless array of non-results-producing activities that actually contributes to people staying sick.

Listening to people who believe in disease, limitation, and lack can certainly wear you down. You can’t just live an ordinary life and be a Chiropractor. Live the Chiropractic lifestyle and you will live a life few believe is possible. 

Chiropractic is health for life.

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