Were You Okay Being On The JV Instead Of The Varsity?

JV or Varsity

A leopard doesn’t change its spots. Blood is thicker than water. The past rules the present. What do all of these sayings mean and what does it have to do with my practice?

 Very early in life, tendencies are noted by parents, teachers, coaches, etc. You can see these in your kids and you saw these in your siblings as you were growing up. These personality traits, tendencies, abilities, moods, and emotions will last a lifetime unless acted upon.

Here is the sticky wicket: most people don’t believe they can change or they simply won’t commit to the change.

It comes down to courage and the ability to have perseverance. 

Whether judged positive or negative, these tendencies, emotions, and abilities either get nurtured (and they will continue) or they are beaten down (and they head underground). 

Our external environment subtly, and sometimes not so subtly, communicates what is okay and what is not okay.

Today, drive, ambition, and serving others at a high level are not as prevalent as they once were. It seems like the goal is to be on the JV, not the varsity.

Everyone knows an owner earns up to ten or twenty-fold what an associate makes, but the trend still continues.

Just getting by, saying “I wouldn’t want to pay all those taxes”, and playing it safe actually gets portrayed as wisdom, a meme that is accepted by the masses.

Soft openings, being an associate, accepting Wendy’s-like income, and sharing space are all variations of playing on the JV instead of busting your ass to make the varsity.

A few decades ago almost everyone started their own practice. Today, everyone heads to the JV by working on someone else’s dream instead of owning their own practice.

 No amount of censoring, hiding the truth, or being okay with playing small will change the Grand Canyon difference of playing on the JV vs. the Varsity.

Disease, sickness, and infirmity are paraded and bragged about as something to be proud of. 

Health is nowhere on the horizon.

You can say you actually want to play on the JV, but you are simply lying to yourself.

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