This Is The Reason Why You Became A Chiropractor!

This is the reason

One of the true treasures of TNR is the bi-annual trek to a Native American Reservation to host Fun Day carnivals for the kids or to give out Christmas gifts to the kids. It’s a sharing of love that rekindles the very passion that started you on the journey to becoming a once-in-a-lifetime Chiropractor. These trips to the Reservation rekindle your spirit and leaves you in awe of the mystery of life and in a permanent state of gratitude.

So many doctors have left the profession of Chiropractic post-plandemic. These Chiropractors longed to be real doctors as they dutifully donned their masks and gloves and spoke the gospel of the plandemic hoax.  

What does this have to do with serving people in health, not disease? The medical profession has this debacle covered and doesn’t need additional support from Chiropractors. It is separate and distinct. Pain relief only or restoring health to the masses?

All the pain relief in the world won’t change the world. An abuser won’t stop abusing because they now have less back pain.

Think about this.

My mentor, Dr. Joe Flesia spoke of the Predicament of the Species or the carnage we create (war, crime, pollution, corruption, addiction, injustice, etc.) because of the limitations of our inherited beliefs. Healthy people create a better world. They are more accountable and more open-minded, and they have the ability to do fewer stupid things.

Today stupid is cool and hip.

Our North of the Border brothers and sisters find themselves in the crosshairs of people who will attack anyone who believes in anything besides disease and the medical eradication of it. Some can’t take x-rays, can’t see children, can’t see pregnant practice members, and can’t see anything other than ‘my back, my back’ for a few, forced visits only. And now they are being asked (forced?) to incur medical procedures or surrender their licenses. Wellness is frowned upon, bordering on illegal.  

Are you willing to be dictated to by the ignorant profiteers of disease and political agenda?

Chiropractic, TNR style, it’s for the few, not the many.

It’s not for the Chiropractors who did missionary work as a student but now are too busy and too distracted to continue to be humanitarian while concentrating their efforts on their needs only.

TNR has and always will be beyond the gravitational pull of politics and corrupt regulatory boards that eat their young and attract the common Chiropractor.

It matters not what other Chiropractors are doing. 

Don’t take freedoms away from others that think and behave differently from you. We’re better than that and we know better. Stay in your lane.

TNR is for the Chiropractor of excellence. It is for the Chiropractor who knows they could be serving so many more people, but for reasons unbeknown to them, they are stuck and think they don’t have a choice. 

They’re wrong!

One call is all it takes to change the trajectory of your life. 

Will you be in the next pictures from our trips to the Reservation? Or will you be staying in your safe, comfortable homes, bored to tears with the mundane world while hiding in your basements?

Guard this sacred trust well.

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