For The Few, Not The Many

The Few

Your success in the post-plandemic world demands adaptation, courage, and change. The frightened people of the world will not rush to your rescue; they are too busy running away from the latest boogeyman. In any human endeavor throughout history, it has been the flexible, courageous, and adaptable people that succeed while the rest of the people languish in frustration and disappointment doing what they are told, just like good little boys and girls.

 The roles have been reversed between doctor and patient. The child becomes the parent.  The propaganda-laced broadcasts and censored internet have now replaced nine years of college preparation to be a Chiropractor. Imagine patients demanding you participate in the entire hoax mandates before you can care for them. Or a lay person actually thinking they know what’s going on as they belligerently foist their ignorance on you.

In the land of disease, health is indeed the enemy. 

Sadly, most of our profession accept this, are threatened by the ‘powers to be’, want to be accepted and liked, tuck their tails between their legs to comply, and become just like a lay person. Most are subservient and compliant even when they know better; they keep their mouths closed both in the office and at home.

What happened to the leadership in Chiropractic?

When your house is on fire, it doesn’t matter what the firemen’s skin colors are, their religion, or the disease practices they participate in. Their job is to put out fires.

The government, political agendas, and profit over people drug companies have invaded our personal lives.

What will you do when it becomes illegal to speak your truth?

If there ever was a time for a Chiropractor to shine, it’s now. This is our time to demonstrate to the world the miracles of Chiropractic.

It’s hard to hit a home run when you are sitting on the bench.

TNR has never been for the many. It doesn’t appeal to the gagged and bound who will not open their mouths and simply give people what THEY want.

What the world needs are more TNR-trained Chiropractors who assist people with health and choice, who have the backbone to stem the tide of the injustices we find ourselves in.

If you have been hiding out and want to get your lost MOJO back, reach out to me.

The new wave of lockdowns is on the horizon like dark, ominous clouds so now may be your last chance to practice with purpose, passion, and prosperity.

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