Is Closed-mindedness Destroying Your Practice?

closed mind

You have been taught everything in life: how to play sports, read, learn, Chiropractic, etc. And yet are you sitting there stubbornly stuck in practice, knowing you can do much better and doing nothing about it?

Someone had to teach you everything you know, from driving a car to playing sports, playing music, and becoming a Chiropractor. Not all teachers or coaches are once-in-a-lifetime. A lot of your teachers were just doing their jobs, nothing more and nothing less. Many people have negative or ‘who cares’ attitudes when it comes to teachers.

Some people have never experienced the feeling of having a special person in their corner.

Regardless of your attitude about teachers or coaches, you can choose to stay stuck or choose to begin learning again to reach your goals of more adventure, excitement, purpose, meaning, and did I mention…INCOME?

Think of your favorite teacher, you know the one that made it fun and recognized you as special. They had a gift and made it their business to bring your gift out of you.

They also held you accountable and would stand up to your self-destructive plans.

Ask any Chiropractor that has been at it for a while. So many are burnt out and are looking for adventure in their lives. They again turn to teachers or coaches to learn something new.

Taking up golf, sky diving, fitness, etc. are all done with coaches or teachers.

The largest investment you will ever make is in yourself. 

The investment in you is the gift that keeps giving.

Don’t blame Chiropractic for all of your woes; it’s time to step up your game.

I know you can do it!   

Chiropractic health for life.

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