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How’s your CA doin’?

Face it, your CA is a very important part of your office. If there is an area of mediocrity that is not necessarily the fault of the CA, it’s this, especially if your office has economic challenges. There is nothing to buy. Here’s TNR’s secret (for FREE) to go out and hire a superstar CA,…

You’ve been exposed

It started out just like any other day…then things took a turn for the worst. Maybe it was a certified letter from an insurance company or a call from the school or worse yet…a call from your spouse saying “we need to talk.” You thought everything was going okay in your practice and your life…but…

We need more GREAT DCs!!

When you travel, admit it, it’s fun looking at or even stopping in other DCs offices. Or even when you’re killing time surfing the web, isn’t it fascinating to look at what other DCs are doing? What you see in their offices gives you an impression of their beliefs, what the function of Chiropractic is,…

Putting the “H” back in Chiropractic

We all started the same way in Chiropractic, bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to take on anything. But then something happened. We became worn down from dealing with all types of people over the years. Our humanity and connection with people started to fade. Our focus on service switched from others to ourselves.…

Pack your things, we’re going to Montana!

No matter where you practice or what your family life situation is, it’s easy to get caught up in a familiar routine. You have your office, staff, patients, and financial pressures weighing on your mind. Do you ever get to take a break? When do you stop worrying about new patients and if they’ll come…

Stop coasting through life…

We put so much time, effort, and money into becoming a DC and then it happens. We graduate and begin to practice. It’s then we see the surviving, coasting, or growing phenomenon occurs. It really doesn’t matter if you own your own practice or work as an associate or independent Chiropractor. It still applies to…
The End of Struggle

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