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They’re here, your worst nightmare.

It’s the patient that has to be seen immediately. They have to see you during lunchtime for their convenience. Their DC “is out of town”. They found your name not from one of your happy campers, but on social media or on an insurance inclusion list. They have also told your CA that they don’t…

Take the challenge: 7 invisible practice mistakes you’re making

Face it, we as DCs sure like to do what we like to do. We avoid change at all costs, even if it’s hurting us in practice and in the pocketbook. Here are 7 common mistakes you are making over and over again without you even knowing it. Adjusting on the first visit. You are…

Never put up with a stubborn patient ever again

You know the type: the smart aleck, the one who makes condescending jokes about Chiropractic, and shows you where to adjust them. The “I’m too busy to come in” one, the one that critiques your adjustments, and how much time you should spend with their royal presence. The one you have to spend soooo much…

Does your spouse despise Chiropractic?

Sure, they get their adjustments, say all the right things to defend Chiropractic but secretly many spouses have resentment towards it. Sometimes they won’t even come to the office! Why? You work crazy hours each week and often times have little to show for it. You come home moody and are affected by each and…

Stop chasing new patients

In our great profession, nobody questions the concept of continually plowing through low-quality new patients only to replace them over and over. Our world is full of Acute Onset Retardation (see the previous blog) where concepts go unquestioned like a school bus with no safety belts for the children, only the driver. If you’re not…

Do you have AOR?

You’re usually level headed, analytical, kind, and caring…then it happens, you do something (you can’t even explain why) that leaves your spouse, your kids, and your practice members shaking their heads. AOR (acute onset retardations) has been bantered about since Freud and is called by many names. All you know is that life was going…
The End of Struggle

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