Is The Goal Health Or Disease?

health or disease

Every member of modern society knows all too well about disease, but painfully little, if anything, about health. “Just fix my problem and I will worry about being healthy later.”

 As Chiropractors, we get pulled into this disaster because we are regulated by insurance and regulatory policies that align with disease and not health.

Do we give in and give practice members what they want or do we tell them what they need as a good parent would?

Although they can veto your recommendations and choose not to participate, they should not be allowed to change your curriculum. You are the doctor and it’s your recommendations, not theirs.

Do you feel like a well-worn carpet some days? Do you feel walked over as you make compromise after compromise towards what an insurance company will pay or what a practice member will agree to?

In times of great change, it is easy to become worn down.

Who controls what’s going on in your office: the practice member, insurance regulations, or you?

It all depends upon your orientation of health or disease.

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