Are You A Puppet Or A Teacher?


The world has twisted in the wind for two years with mass deception and bioterrorism. Have you added your voice of acceptance to a world hell-bent on its destruction? Or are you teaching people what health is rather than how to flee from a disease?

 Being a teacher of what health is today is tough sledding. The same is true for standing for truth over popularity. This has been the same for any time period in history, but it seems more daunting today because of the connectivity of the world.

What has really changed in hundreds upon hundreds of years?

 The prevailing powers mandate what you should think. What if you have a better or upgraded idea or disagree with their idea?

Can you open your mouth in the land of the free? Will you be punished, fined, or ostracized until you recant your thinking and adopt the mandated version of conformity?

As a Chiropractor, do you really believe that injected chemicals confer immunity against disease?

Is health only the prevention of one specific disease that has brought an entire world to its knees or is health the expression of life in all people?

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