The Perils of Being Stuck

The Perils of Being Stuck

You worked so hard to become a Chiropractor but life outside the womb of Chiropractic College has not been what you thought it would be. Maybe you’ve drifted between associate positions, been a franchise worker, or have struggled to own your own practice.

 Your current reality is not the only reality you can be a part of. Do you have a decided stubbornness to receiving input from a person who knows more about increasing your practice than you do? Many people don’t like the circumstances they find themselves in but they hate changing even more.

A pro football coach must direct the high-priced athletes and come up with a strategy that uses the resources available to create success. Every coach hears pushback from the members of the team about what should have been done, what play should have been selected, etc. The members of the team don’t know what the coach knows, even though they think they do.

The star football player needs to be directed not only for their good but also for the good of the team.

The same is true with Chiropractors. Sure, you are the star of your office, but you also need input from a coach you can trust who won’t touch your authenticity or turn you into a mercenary salesperson.

The longer you stay stuck, the more resources, time, expense, and effort it will take to get unstuck.

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