Do Your Patients Hear You?

do you hear me

You thought you had communicated your last patient’s Report of Findings just great as they nodded their head approvingly. Then they either ghosted you, texted you goodbye, or would not follow your recommendations. What happened?

 The foundation of all relationships was breached. There was no communication, only one person speaking and the other pretending they heard the message. The practice member heard the words but understood nothing.  The Chiropractor actually thought things went well, but the practice member had a much different experience.

 This is the hidden factor that makes growth impossible.

 Everybody that will ever enter your office has an expectation of the commitment they will be asked to give. If they are expecting only a few visits and it’s going to take months, you might as well be speaking in a foreign language.

How many more times will you allow this to happen in your office? Some Chiropractors endure this scenario their entire careers without developing their communications skills. And it shows. There is so much emphasis on academics, technique, and software. They are all important; however, the ingredient that matters most is your communication skills.

 The New Renaissance has always famously said that Chiropractic can help all people, but some of the people just won’t allow you to help them.

How many people really understand Chiropractic and how many people think they understand Chiropractic?

It’s a big difference!

Some people welcome patient education and, especially in light of the last two years, they want to be on more solid ground when it comes to health.

Others react to patient education as sales and they will attempt to foist their unrealistic demands on you, the doctor.

Instead of attempting to appeal to all people, appeal to people who will let you use all of your training to help them; do not argue or fail to communicate about Chiropractic.

 There is a better way.

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