Sorry, No Cookie Cutter Solutions Here

no cookie cutter

Over the years we have seen all kinds of coaching programs that have come and gone. Most of them have gone because they were created to give the Chiropractor what they wanted, not necessarily what the Chiropractor needed. They were predicated on marketing concepts (the same ones that sell drugs) rather than timeless principles.

So many Chiropractors will say, “I want new patients, to work fewer hours, and to earn tons more money.” Like a whiny, demanding kid, they lack discernment as to what is really involved.

As I’ve said many times before, there are no simple solutions to complex problems.

Rather than churning through yet another batch of low-quality, soon-to-be-replaced new patients, the emphasis in The New Renaissance is placed on quality new patients and retention.

 The New Renaissance recognizes that there are internal changes that need to be made rather than just technical or operational changes.

Relationships with yourself, your practice members, your spouse and kids, and other family members must come out of the shadows.

It’s you that attracts or repels new people. It’s you that keeps or sends people on their way.

If we replaced you with another Chiropractor in your office, the stats would change the first hour! It would be the same office with the same staff and tables, but it would be a whole different metric.

Our Chiropractors know who they are. They love TIC and they love serving people. When they know they need guidance, they aren’t afraid to ask for it, like in school, sports, etc. This is the ingredient that sets them apart from self-guided, fundamentalist Chiropractors. Self-guided Chiropractors feel they are too smart to sit in the classroom or take direction. They also feel they have to be right at all costs, including having small, paying bills-only practices.

In TNR, there is no ‘us’ and ‘them’. We understand authenticity and the freedom of choice. There is no one way to coach any Chiropractor. Coaching is as individual as a fingerprint.

TNR is for mature, authentic Chiropractors (regardless of years in practice) who don’t need one size fits all marketing strategies that emphasize selling services over being a once-in-a-lifetime Chiropractor.

As with any mature, authentic journey, you will be asked to embrace contradiction, put up with ambiguity, and not fall into ‘us’ or ‘them’ thinking.

Will you join the parade or will you allow the parade to pass you by?

 Are you brave enough to embrace being comfortable with being uncomfortable?

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