Did You Get Exposed This Holiday Season?


There you go with your life: you’re a reasonably successful and happy doctor with a nice spouse, kids, and a house or two, and then it happens. From out of the blue (it really isn’t), one of the 4 D’s rocks your world: Death, Divorce, Disease, Depression. Your world is devastated and there are no simple solutions to complex problems.

It’s been a few years since you graduated. Have you drifted in and out of the usual array of suspects who lost their purpose in Chiropractic, including flipping houses, decompression, physical therapy, dry needling, laser, nutrition, and the like?

You know something’s missing in your life, you just can’t quite put your finger on it.

You like Chiropractic and your practice, but it’s been downgraded from when you were on purpose and full of piss and vinegar.  

After the initial excitement wears off from buying the latest and next best thing for your practice members, are you any further ahead or are you moving further and further away from Chiropractic?

You know the answer to this question.

When one of the 4 D’s happen, it exposes your way of life as not being sustainable; you can’t negotiate, argue, or buy your way out of the trouble that doesn’t ask your opinion of it or if you wish it stays or not.  

Just getting by, paying bills, and having no purpose or passion is seen as reasonable, customary, and normal by far too many DCs.

Getting up every day excited, eyes wide open, and expecting to see miracle after miracle is reserved for the few, not the many.

As I was walking in an airport recently, I saw a Chiropractor in a booth. After some casual, superficial chit-chat, I guess the expression on my face betrayed my thoughts.

He blurted out it was supposed to be only a temporary gig. He was also working 2 other menial jobs. He appeared to be about 40. 

I asked him how long it has been and he said 5 years.

You could see the pain, regret, and remorse in his eyes as he had bid goodbye to his dream and had somehow accepted his new reality as being his only choice.

One of the hardest things in my professional life is seeing earnest Chiropractors who could be helped but have given up on themselves as being too far gone. 

I wonder if this Chiropractor has any kids and if he would be okay with them downgrading in life.  

You know the answer to this as well.

Dreams are your business; getting you there is mine.

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