The Plandemic Is Over…Now What?

now what

Did you adopt the ‘mandates’? Did you welcome foreign principles that fly in the face of all you know to be true? Did you hold your tongue and speak less boldly to be accepted by the ignorant majority? 

Now that the war is over, what does this mean for you and your practice? Did your spouse and kids believe you or what the government was telling them? Are you going to continue to limp and struggle or are you going to ask for help to gain back a thriving practice?  

There is nothing left to go back to. Practices cannot exist like they once had. Many have lost too much market share since people have ramped up their belief in chemical cures only. You can’t blame them; many Chiropractors took the path of least resistance and kept their mouths quiet until it was safe to come out.

They are perhaps a minority, but did you know there are families that are willing and able to come to your office for care, including wellness, provided you can communicate this to them? Today people have less loyalty with more choices, so this is all the more reason to be bolder than you were previously.

Accepting less, educating people less about health, and letting people who don’t know about health push you around are not what I help Chiropractors with. I help Chiropractors claim back their leadership in their offices so they can grow and expect more, not less.

This is your time to claim back your lost prosperity without putting profit over people.

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