How much longer can you bear it?  Seeing 100 patient visits a week (or less) and knowing without a doubt that you can do much better.  You can rationalize all you want about the economy, your location, and insurance coverage but none of it will help you in the long run.

Stay in denial as long as you want…

It’s your life.  This predicament will not get better with time.  Just getting by in practice begins to wear on you.  Working in a toxic environment is an unnecessary sacrifice that you made when you didn’t know any better.  The start the downward spiral of negativity, and what you said was temporary was not…it’s been several years now.  Arguments, moodiness, frustration, financial stress, and of course Chiropractic has now let you down.

The reality is there are DCs in every location that are not surviving…they are thriving.

“I am truly grateful for everything that Dr. Kevin and Dr. Ed have done to make me a more passionate Doctor, wife and mom. I can’t thank them enough. Another big thank you to my TNR family!! Your support and guidance has been wonderful.” – Dr. Andrena Sayles

What’s more, they love being a DC and their office reflects it.  We are urgently seeking DCs who long to be successful without becoming a salesperson.  DCs who want to ‘speak the truth’ and have people listen.  DCs that truly want to make a difference in the lives of others as well as yourself.

Seeing 100 patient visits a week or less is the effect of…

lowering your expectations and dreams by allowing the majority in our profession to influence you.  There are so many lost DCs in our great profession.  They all have stories to tell you about how difficult practice is and the doom and gloom of their experiences. If your practice is not where you want it…somewhere along the line, you listened to someone who scared you into lowering your expectations to fit their lowered reality.

The death of the 100 patient visits a week practice starts with you…

If you’re happy or proud of seeing so few people go on and continue to not have any more babies, vacations, and be imprisoned by debt.  But before you do, ask yourself if you’re so content, why are you always complaining and acting as if somebody or something (Chiropractic) did you wrong?  If you know without a doubt that you’re selling yourself short, read on.  What’s wrong with seeing more numbers, making more of a difference, and earning a great living instead of an allowance? We hear DCs say I wouldn’t want to see more people.  This is merely a ruse to protect them from a circumstance they can’t get out of…they are going to make a decision to leave the past behind!

Not asking for help is a dead giveaway when you are seeing 100 or less per week

Can’t afford to have a mentor?  Nah, it’s simply not true.  It’s that you are going to have to commit to something 100% and it will take your best effort.  You are going to have to admit that your way does not work.  By not asking for help, you are guaranteed to continue to struggle and never solve your problems.