5 easy ways to better your practice

Let’s set the stage


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A patient has just cancelled their new patient appointment. Ugh, that’s six so far this month. Another patient informs you that this will be their last adjustment. A family that has been with you for a while has come up with a lame excuse that they’re going to someone closer. You later find out on Facebook that another area DC has reclaimed your patients by giving them a bag of popcorn and essential oils. Ugh again! Your spouse has been extra demanding lately, the kids seem to participate in a billion activities, and on top of it all, your mother-in-law wants to come stay with you for a few weeks. What’s going on, is it the world’s longest full moon? You wish there was a reboot button to hit for your practice…and there’s no end in sight.

Because we’re in constant communication with so many DCs from the US and Canada it becomes apparent (well, to us) when the inmates are running the asylum. Your office just starts to get more and more chaotic and it becomes no fun. Oh yeah, and less and less profitable. Collections and new patients are down, CA woes mount and even relationship stuff at home starts to get dicey. All too often it just feels like the patients are in charge and you have to play ‘Let’s make a deal’ just to keep things going. When you feel lost, overwhelmed or frustrated, more often than not, it’s because leadership is becoming lax.

How many times have you not confronted a patient when they are continually late, inconveniencing every person you see after them for the rest of the day? How many people have dismissed your recommendations, saying they can’t afford it, can’t bring their families in, or the most clever one – insurance can’t cover it? And how many times have you caved? Walking on eggshells is no way to live, let alone practice.

If you identify with any of those statements, you’re not alone. Here are some practical tips to get you out of your rut and back on top. Implementing just one or two will make a marked difference. Try it and see for yourself!

5 easy ways to get back to practicing the way you want to practice

  • Make sure you are not adjusting new patients on the first visit – Practice according to principles and not exceptions.
  • Tell the truth – If you think a patient needs to be seen 3 times a week for 12 weeks, tell them so instead of defaulting to what you think they can afford or what their limited insurance covers.
  • Please, please do a Report of Findings! – Without a great ROF, there are going to be problems down the road, if there’s even going to be a road for that patient.
  • Stop counselling your patients – Spending unnecessary time chit chatting or talking about other things dealing with health is not in your best interest. You don’t have to be the go to person for all things natural. Let others be good at what they do so you’re allowed to be the best DC you can be.
  • Take a rain check on being liked – Are you the parent or the child? The leader or the follower? The more you lead, the more your patients will respect you and follow your recommendations.

We see so many examples of lost, overwhelmed, and frustrated DCs when they first enter our family. Once they realize they have everything it takes, they make a conscious to not missing anything. It’s like the weight of the world has been lifted. Having a complete system of patient education and a mentor in your corner sure helps you realize that you wake up every morning with everything you will ever need.


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