The Best of Both Worlds

How a great DC in a toxic, stressful environment climbed out and started her own practice in spite of her spouse’s warnings

Have you ever been told that you can’t own your own practice and have a family? Well, you’re not alone. We receive countless testimonials from female DCs who desire the best of both worlds, but don’t necessarily have the support from the people in their lives. For one particular DC, the idea of having both a great, fun, and profitable practice, as well as having a family, didn’t seem like an option.

For us, this story is remarkable because—initially prepared to turn her back on having her own practice, and Chiropractic at large—this DC made it work. Had she not fought for her practice, the world would never have been able to experience her exceptional gift. Like most, she was a fantastic DC who found herself between a rock and a hard place. Creating a balance between your professional and personal life is rarely easy, but that’s what it’s all about: balance.

This is her story:

Working as an underpaid and under recognized associate took its toll on me not only physically, but emotionally. I was doing things that I didn’t necessarily agree with in order to make money for the head doctor.  I also had to perform CA duties.

I had a vague sense of doom and discouragement each day driving up to the office parking lot. On Sunday nights, I would toss and turn in bed, dreading going to work the next day. I was a real b*tch to my husband for no reason at all. Working up to 60 hours per week and taking home (before taxes) $600 was a slap in my face. Lying to myself and my husband about the reality of not being financially in charge of my life was very self destructive. Is a bottle of wine every evening still considered ‘social’?  I was never going to get out of debt.

We even have put having kids on the back burner because of finances or lack thereof.  The excuses I’d tell my mother and sister about why now isn’t the right time for us to have children was nothing but a bold faced lie.  I felt horrible lying to my family.  Then something amazing happened.  I saw a TNR testimonial with a female classmate who was raving about how she went from an associate to owning her own practice…and she has 3 kids!

I sent out a message on Facebook and tracked her down.  She was so happy to hear from me and encouraged me to call TNR and speak with Dr. Kevin.  I was so scared to make the call, but I was at a dead end and it was going to stay that way unless I was willing to make changes in my life.

Fast forward 9 months, I own and operate my own practice and my numbers and income are way above what I was doing as an associate.  Sure, it’s scary, but it’s worth it.  My only regret is I didn’t do it sooner.  When I gave my notice, the head doctor laughed at me and pointed a finger and said  I’ll come running back begging for my job back because I can never own my own practice.  Every day out on my own strengthens my resolve and for the first time in practice…it’s fun again.  We are expecting our first child early 2016.

With hundreds of stories similar to this, TNR is renowned for helping female DCs (and let’s not forget our guy DCs!) transition from where they are to where they really want to be. Every DC is more than capable of owning their own practice—all they need is a little extra help and guidance along the way.

Hey, it’s what we do.

When getting out of difficult dead end circumstances and into your very own office seems impossible, just remember: help is a lot closer than you think. Fill out one of our practice profiles, and make the call when you’re ready to start living your best life. You have the potential, and it’s our job to make everybody else see it too.