Are you Brainwashing yourself to Success or are The Odds Ever In your Favor?


Chiropractic and the Hunger Games

If you’re not, society is invisibly brainwashing you to conform in everything you do, including being a wellness Chiropractor.  Brainwashing to many seems like a pretty harsh term, however when you look at how success and failure are determined in this society, it makes all the sense in the world. You see, your subconscious mind, not your conscious mind, determines your behavior. Your subconscious mind is invisible to almost everyone, therefore it is not as if it is well understood by society. Your subconscious mind, the one thing people don’t see, determines your success or failure. Forget about all the other aspects of your life you’ve worked so hard to achieve, like your amount of degrees, training, or class rank.


Your subconscious mind contains all your past experiences and beliefs that were forced upon you when you were small. These are the things that shaped you to be the person you are today. Money is dirty. The world is a dangerous place. Chiropractic is for back pain only. Add the thousands of beliefs and experiences that were sprinkled upon you, without your permission, and there you have it, you’ve been brainwashed. Without knowing it, you are playing these pre-recorded messages over and over. You became so accustomed to a society and a way of life that you end up losing control over your own independence. You’re basically Katniss from the Hunger Games. May the odds be ever in your favor. 


The sprinkles of belief can be seen as a problem while you’re in the blood thirsty war called the Hunger Games.  Whatever you do, however hard you fight, you will never be as successful as you should be because of the problem with your beliefs. You will be less successful than Districts 1, 2, ,3, 4, and so on. The problem is, your subconscious mind (with all of your personal history and experiences) taints everything you do in the battle. Unless you know one crucial concept, that you can change or modify your subconscious. So, being successful centers around changing your subconscious beliefs.

If you’re programmed for lack of success, or even something as simple as not wanting to turn to brutality in the field, you then have to change your beliefs to that you NEED to survive. Ergo, you find other methods of survival that do not involve killing someone and you will be successful.


Let’s compare Katniss to Chiropractic.


How do you know if you were brainwashed for success or failure?  Look at your practice stats. Do they reflect who you are, or who you want to be? One of the cornerstones of The New Renaissance philosophy is a concept called congruency. To attain congruency, what you believe your subconscious programming must be, it needs to be consistent with what you want. For example, if you graduated from a school that didn’t teach you about VSC and family wellness, you have four years of beliefs of allopathic training stored away in your noggin.

No matter how many weekend seminars you attend, no matter how many practice gurus you employ, big time success will still get away from you because your belief systems don’t correlate with what you want. Remember, congruency has nothing to do with right or wrong. Either your subconscious beliefs will help you reach your goal, or they will serve as an invisible anchor weighing you down and leading to frustration and burnout every time, like Katniss. Her ever so kind way of living was an anchor in the arena.


Let’s look at two DCs sitting next to each other during Chiropractic school. They are about the same intelligence, studied the same books, had the same instructors, however their success in practice will be miles apart depending on their subconscious programming. DC number one is struggling at just keeping his/her doors open. DC number two is having the time of his/her life; practice is fun and rewarding, and the identity of Chiropractic is being communicated to everyone in his/her community. Most people will say for DC number two that it’s luck, insurance coverage, or that this DCs’ town is pro-Chiropractic.  How can it be?  They graduated from the same school, had the exact same training.  It comes down to how they were “brainwashed” earlier in life. Oh by the way, they practice in the same town.         


Your subconscious programming, when it’s congruent with the type of practice you have, makes you successful. Everything you touch turns to gold. If you’re Katniss, your subconscious is trained to not want to kill the other players, so you build a  system in which you survive without killing, while also satisfying the subconscious mind. When you continuously brainwash or program your subconscious for success your practice grows freely, without working harder or longer hours. Before you know it, you’ve got the flow and you’re in the zone. Or you’re the winner of the Hunger Games. Congratulations.