CalJam 2012 Recap

My hat goes off to Dr. Billy D, founder of Cal Jam, and his mighty significant other Mary Jane.  They have the passion and the uniqueness with this event to make it one of the biggest in Chiropractic’s history. BJ filled circus tents, and Billy D is going to fill stadiums (think domes dude, you don’t have to worry about the weather:)) To unite Rock ‘n Roll with passion and a vision was just absolutely  brilliant. Everywhere you looked you saw the ‘who’s who’ of ‘Tic was there, and the soon to be ‘who’s who’ were all there, too. I think that what excited me the most was to see the passion in the eyes of the next generation of DC’s who will have to carry this torch. I recommend that everyone put it on their schedule for next year and let’s go with 100 TNR members- at least- to next year’s event.  There are not many seminars you can go to and listen to that many elite speakers in a 48hr period.

TNR represented well with 9 of our members all going last-minute and once again look who represented TNR – THE WOMEN – watch out guys I think they are going to take over the world. As a matter of fact I think they were going to kidnap Billy D, steal his outfit, and take his place on stage. Good thing they can’t play the guitar or I think they would of.

I have to say this I was sooooo proud of all of you(and Paul too- he was the only dude besides me)…anywhere we went, people knew you were different than anyone else in that audience. Keep up the great work, we are making a difference and for all of you who couldn’t make it this year, let’s show Billy D some love and preregister- 100 people to show we care.

It was one rockin’ weekend I know Dr. Kevin and I will be there next year for sure!!!!

 Dr. Ed