Children of the Revolution

Chiropractic has a big problem – it has a hole in its heart. Both individually and collectively, Chiropractors have a gnawing, empty feeling of dissatisfaction. Oh sure, there is a small minority of fiery DCs who will do what it takes, but they are surrounded by a majority who have lost their spirit. The American Revolution was stirred to life by a tiny group of rebels who refused to live under tyranny or oppression. Royalists did not support the revolutionaries, and they consciously chose to remain in the yoke of serfdom, trading the sometimes uncomfortable quest for freedom for the comfort of false security. The revolutionaries stood up to the most powerful force on earth – the British Empire.

Our founding fathers took the power from Monarchs and aristocracy, and distributed it back to the people being governed. The end of serfdom and slavery…or was it? Their audacity is part of our national heritage. Once upon a time, DCs took on medicine, the most powerful belief system on earth, and established a fragile autonomy. Today most DCs are too cynical, tired, worried about insurance coverage, or busy pursuing busyness to even attempt to imitate our founder’s courageous repudiation of injustice. Where our founders claimed their rights to assert power, we routinely approve the diminution of our own. All in the name of being nice, gentle, pussified lap dogs.

Do you believe in the revolution?


The Chiropractors who blazed the new path – the Flesias, the Golds, the Sigafooses – are now thought of almost as ghosts of a profession that today does not represent that spirit, that revolution. These DCs didn’t say, what day did you say the revolution was on? Oh no, I got a soccer game that day. They didn’t whine, or make excuses. They acted and acted often. They didn’t curse the darkness, they became the light; passionate people in service to the job at hand. They cast aside their own materialistic inclinations and served a process larger than themselves. These are the people who cared passionately about the human race and out of that genius, inspired other DCs to follow their lead.

Dissatisfied DCs are often dissatisfied for a myriad of smokescreen excuses: insurance paperwork, ICD 10 codes, Medicare, skyrocketing deductibles and co-pays, disappearing retention and compliance from patients, the list goes on. Where there is no taste for rebellion, there is no taste for freedom. Now we as DCs must answer not to the British, not to the US government, but to the insurance companies who are the new imperial order of tyranny. We must have rebellions against our indifference so we can become DCs who are making a difference. If we simply accept these conditions that arouse our anger, more often than not, that anger turns inward and becomes depression and gloom. All anger stems from limited freedom. We gave away our birthright for a lure of being like other real doctors. If ours is truly a miracle profession, why are there so many starving DCs? How can this be?

In order to renew our connection to Chiropractic, we are going to have to take a good look at the immutable foundation principles, or lack thereof, that underlie all of our challenges, discrimination and loss of spirit. As long as our profession rests on changeable principles, there will continue to be a spiritual blindness and mindset of scarcity. The heart of Chiropractic has a hole in it and until it starts to heal, there will be no breakthroughs in our profession. What’s wrong out there is a mere reflection of what’s wrong in here.

There is an interconnections of all beings. We are waves (energy) more than particles (matter). This wave or energy is accessed not so much through the written word but through the exercise of consciousness. What do we believe Chiropractic is: a miracle profession that includes everyone or an adult, insurance dependent activity to earn a living? According to Ghandi, there is no difference between the means and the ends. Violate one and you will not get the result you desire.

Today, success is measured almost exclusively by economics, but there is so much more to freedom than economics. Every DC should be a multimillionaire, but sadly this is not the case. Our tendency to isolate rather than join and unite is our kryptonite. If we came together as individuals and as a profession, the impact Chiropractic made would be astronomical. Join us in being a part of the healing of Chiropractic.