Christmas on the Reservation: When You Have The Right Friends… Pt. 2

I then asked the question; how far away are we from Fort Peck?  The answer: five to six hours.  My heart sank.  Then Kenny suggested he could meet us somewhere past Minot, ND, meaning we would both be driving three hours.  He drove with Dale Dakota (former council member and friend of LHNC) in the dead of night on icy roads to deliver the gifts.  We transferred the gifts in the pitch black in between two sides of Route 2 (a sneaky spot where the cops hide to catch speeders) and made our way home.

Dr. Ed carefully laid off the Hemi and crawled home on the icy roads.  Once home, (10:30pm) our elves stayed up past midnight wrapping gifts.  I don’t know about Millennials and their Facebook (or virtual) friends, but I’ll take a REAL friend like Kenny Smoker any day.


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