Difficult Cases Made Easy Seminar


The ultimate one-day experience for attracting and helping the cases that 99% of the Chiropractic profession doesn’t see and doesn’t want to see

Step up to the plate with difficult cases!  We’re giving you a personal road map, designed to give you the shortcut to seeing more complicated, challenging cases with certainty. Most of us learned that VSC doesn’t have an age or gender but do we really practice that way?  As DCs, we earnestly desire to help people and yet, only a fraction of people understand Chiropractic and adopt the Chiropractic lifestyle for themselves and families.

If that’s the case for you, it’s time to make a change.

This chiropractic seminar is formulated to prepare you for those hard cases you were too wary to take on before. Never shy away from a case again. You have the ability within you to touch the lives of many people. It’s time to fully express your talent to the world.  Register for one of the most pivotal chiropractic seminars you’ve ever attended today.

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July 14, 2018

Norwood, MA

 Check out these testimonials:

"Many Chiropractors have the desire to help children and others who fall outside the musculoskeletal/insurance paradigm. DCME is an amazing and life-changing opportunity to see and hear first hand from other Chiropractors doing this very thing. The tools and advice/direction/examples given are those that can be implemented on Monday morning to begin to see those patients you desire. No other seminar presents the truth of the miracle of Chiropractic more than DCME."
- Dr. T

"DCME is weeding out all the doubts, fears, and below the line thoughts that creep up. Experiencing the passion Dr. Rick walks with and the care that comes through his presentation shows me the commitment level it takes to care for DCME. It’s a higher level of confidence. The emotions of love, hope, and joy radiating out of Dr. Lisa as she retold the story of her beloved patient gives me a glimpse of the miracles that can take place when committed people come together. I learned “It is what has to be done.”
 -Dr. L

"Listening to Dr. Rick Thompson share the story of Alex – a young girl with seizures who went on to choose a career making a difference in lives of the drug addicted – struck home for me. You see, I had seizures and I didn’t have someone like Dr. Rick in my life. For those of you who know what I’m talking about or have had a similar experience then you’ll understand what I mean when I say I’ve had to literally claw my way out of the disease state of my life and my family and I’m still struggling. What this DCME has shown me this time (oh yeah… it’s my second one and I’ll be back again) is the hope that Dr. Kevin can help me develop the chops to be able to offer an opportunity to a Mom who is willing to not give up then I can help give another child a chance to thrive – to be like Alex who chooses to help drug addicts recover rather than become one. See, when you’re surrounded by people who give up on you I guarantee you’re headed for what Dr. Lisa calls the faithless journey. But when you have someone who is not willing to give up, the possibilities are endless."
-Dr. M


Drs. C & R

“The difference between TNR and the other group we were with is night and day! Both groups helped us grow our practice, but the real difference between the two was, TNR gave us tools to enhance our personal lives. TNR isn't just about practice growth but in the growth of the doctor as well! Due to this we not only grew in six months but we are continuing to grow. In the 1st 8 months we were with TNR we had a increase of 50k in our practice, this year we are on pace to go over 100k. It's not all about the numbers but the reason why we gave numbers is because we know there are a lot of DCs out there who are hesitant in the investment that it takes to be mentored. So do the math, by the end of this year we will have had over a 150K boost to our income since joining, not a bad return on investment! So whether you are out in practice or a student, we highly encourage you to invest in yourself and your future the TNR way!"

Dr. D

“Dr. Kevin Pallis, leader of "The Tribe" has an innate way of bringing out the best in Y-O-U. He will challenge you, yes he will. But the only way to make a diamond is with pressure. I have grown in my personal life as well as my business and because of his encouragement and guidance, I have the life of my dreams. Even though I am an older Chiropractor, I am still in the game. Thanks again Dr. Kevin, my gratitude is something words cannot describe."

Dr. O

“Dr. Kevin has a talent that is unmatched by any other coach out there. He will read you like an open book and will know exactly how to push you to your limit, support you through your hardest times, and when need to, be your best friend. Growing to be your best version is far from easy, I can promise you that. Here is the thing, the results are undeniable. It takes time and effort but it is available for you, if you chose to commit. No excuses, just do it. If you have truly had enough of living a mediocre life and not really reaching your full potential, TNR is your solution. I hope to see you soon at a TNR seminar and welcome you in to this amazing family."

Dr. T

“The New Renaissance is a sanctuary. With Dr. Kevin's guidance and encouragement, you are given the opportunity to discover and/or recover your authentic self. You are challenged to be not only a better chiropractor but a better human being. I am grateful beyond words."

Dr. L

“I have a team and belong to The New Renaissance family who holds me to a higher standard. Now, my patients have a Doctor who each day is growing stronger, and striving for more with them, for more with our community, for more with our world.”