How to get your passion for Chiropractic back

Why your vision is the most critical ingredient to a large practice

 thriving practice

In order to build and lead a thriving practice, you need to have a vision for yourself and guidance for others in order to provide great support. If you don’t have a strong vision or your belief is conditional, people take notice. If you’re still stuck in the old paradigm, there is nothing unique or memorable about your office.

Dr. Guy Riekeman is known as the greatest visionary in Chiropractic today. One of the most memorable quotes from his book, Make your Life Extraordinary is as follows:

Through the power of words, by becoming complete with your past, through willingness to take risks, by being coachable and coaching others, and, above all, through vision, commitment and integrity, you can make your dream of an ideal life a reality.  ”

Small practice equals small vision. Remember, your vision either has a positive or negative effect on your office and that’s why your practice members come to you. Either they either don’t have one and desperately need to borrow someone else’s or because they simply believe in the compelling vision you stand for. Many of them have been abandoned, let down, treated as a commodity or weren’t treated as a priority in the old paradigm.

When it comes down to it, your practice members can only be as passionate about your vision as you are.

Do you perform your procedures on all people or do you selectively skip certain practice members who seem to put pressure on you? Steps such as handing out important patient record folders, pamphlets, parent guides, visit notifications, among others are very informative and necessary. Is educating practice members beneath you or do you have the old paradigm mindset of being naive, with a fixation on the adjustment only?

Great adjustments are part of being a great chiropractor, but that’s only scratching the surface of what a DC can be. If you want to create an atmosphere in which you truly thrive, the first step is to create a compelling vision as it relates to the passion of helping people through Chiropractic care. It’s always bigger than the individual DC and their individual office because it forms a collective consciousness that creates change in a world where most people look to others to do the heavy lifting or find alternate solutions to the world’s problems.

By putting a stake in the ground for what you believe in, you fashion a space for others to bond with you and connect around your core mission.