About Last Weekend’s Seminar

about last weekends seminar

I have received so many phone calls and emails regarding last weekend's seminar (Nuts & Bolts) sponsored by the Georgia Chiropractic Council in Marietta, GA. At the seminar one DC2B almost screamed why wasn’t I taught this at school? Another DC suggested that every DC2B should have to attend this seminar BEFORE graduating! Countless attendees continued to agree that their training up to this point had been on the technical, clinical, and doctor skills, with no concentration on patient education and communication skills.

One of the most overlooked, invisible obstacles to a DCs success is their communication and patient education skills. Most doctors are feverishly looking for the next best technique to get results with.

That’s why so many doctors are still singing, I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For, by U2.

Truth be told, when you are able to communicate with your patients (or potential new patients) they sense trust in you, and feel like you are a part of their journey and they are not alone: you are in their corner.

So many DCs possess superior clinical skills, but they just don’t communicate well to their patients. As a result of this communication disability, no matter how great their clinical skills are, patients don’t stick around and they certainly don’t refer!

Let's compare two personal trainers at your gym. Both trainers are in shape and obviously know their stuff. They work in the same gym and yet their incomes are worlds apart! Why? Because one is a source of inspiration and his clients don’t want to disappoint him, while the other trainer is just another appointment to go to.

Every week we get emails from DCs who absolutely know with certainty they possess the clinical chops, but they get messed up with patient interaction.

If you really want 2017 to be your best ever, you are going to have to upgrade your communication and patient education chops.

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