The Launch Seminars

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Add 50, 100 or more patient visits per week in 90 days or less with no gadgets or gimmicks.



The Top 3 Reasons to Attend TNR’s Launch Seminar

  • You deserve to be successful. No matter what technique, where you graduated from, practice location, years in practice, the rules or conditions for being successful apply to you and every other DC. Learn to work with the rules, rather than against them.
  • Chiropractic needs successful DCs. Our profession is plagued by DCs who either don’t care or won’t put forth the effort to become successful. Two and a Half Men was not the #1 sitcom for years because it missed with the characterization of Alan, a broke, spineless, DC, freeloading from his wealthy brother. It's time to change that image.
  • We have the perfect vehicle to let your humanitarian side shine. Our group helps Native American kids on a reservation in Poplar, MT. Going out the reservation and adjusting kids has been a highlight of many DCs we work with, and being involved in a non-profit is an amazing way to get your practice members more involved in your office.

So many DCs are either too proud, embarrassed, or just won’t put forth the effort to find out just how easy it is to become the doctor you always wanted to be. That’s why we put on these launch seminars, so you can see, understand and experience for yourself just how easy growth and exponential income can be for your practice.

Consider a writer who writes books that no one reads. A singer who nobody is listening to. A surgeon who has no patients. Each of these professionals has mastered the art of their craft, but they have not mastered the art of being successful. Having great clinical skills is only a part of being successful. Important yes, but in of itself, will not create success. Why go through life not knowing, experiencing and understanding what prevents you from being successful? Our seminars have turned around so many DCs offices…why not you?

This DC had the same skepticism

I first learned about TNR from attending an introductory seminar. I felt at the time that the information he was sharing was speaking directly to me. It motivated me to take the steps I needed in order to make changes in my office, my staff, and in myself, so I joined TNR right there and then! My office has grown, my staff has changed and improved, and I feel better as a chiropractor since I joined TNR! Thank you Dr. Kevin and TNR staff!!"

~Dr. Kevin Perry

 The cost

There is a better way

Did you get into chiropractic for the conventional experience, or do you want to do something more? It's certainly not uncommon for DCs to buy expensive “here today and gone tomorrow" contraptions, do hickeys and anything that can produce income to bail them out of this conventional DC experience cycle. Not only does your overhead astronomically rise, your love for Chiropractic fades.

We are not here to convince you to practice a certain way, but if you’re stuck with short-term adult only musculoskeletal pain and want to be more to your patients, this is where we come in. We love helping DCs discover their true potential. Maybe you’re earning $15,000 a month and your life would be completely different at $30,000 a month. Perhaps you are having challenges with new patients at this time. Or maybe, just maybe, you’re new in practice and could use some guidance and know how about putting your abilities and talents to work on lots more people. Isn’t your practice worth 3 hours of your time?

Locations, dates, and times:

  • Hartford, CT: 9am - 12 noon, December 17th
  • Norwood, MA: 6pm-9pm, December 17th
  • Cost: $99

  • Capped at 15 DCs

Simply click here to register, or call or email The New Renaissance HQ to fill out a practice profile to reserve your seat!



Drs. C & R

“The difference between TNR and the other group we were with is night and day! Both groups helped us grow our practice, but the real difference between the two was, TNR gave us tools to enhance our personal lives. TNR isn't just about practice growth but in the growth of the doctor as well! Due to this we not only grew in six months but we are continuing to grow. In the 1st 8 months we were with TNR we had a increase of 50k in our practice, this year we are on pace to go over 100k. It's not all about the numbers but the reason why we gave numbers is because we know there are a lot of DCs out there who are hesitant in the investment that it takes to be mentored. So do the math, by the end of this year we will have had over a 150K boost to our income since joining, not a bad return on investment! So whether you are out in practice or a student, we highly encourage you to invest in yourself and your future the TNR way!"

Dr. D

“Dr. Kevin Pallis, leader of "The Tribe" has an innate way of bringing out the best in Y-O-U. He will challenge you, yes he will. But the only way to make a diamond is with pressure. I have grown in my personal life as well as my business and because of his encouragement and guidance, I have the life of my dreams. Even though I am an older Chiropractor, I am still in the game. Thanks again Dr. Kevin, my gratitude is something words cannot describe."

Dr. O

“Dr. Kevin has a talent that is unmatched by any other coach out there. He will read you like an open book and will know exactly how to push you to your limit, support you through your hardest times, and when need to, be your best friend. Growing to be your best version is far from easy, I can promise you that. Here is the thing, the results are undeniable. It takes time and effort but it is available for you, if you chose to commit. No excuses, just do it. If you have truly had enough of living a mediocre life and not really reaching your full potential, TNR is your solution. I hope to see you soon at a TNR seminar and welcome you in to this amazing family."

Dr. T

“The New Renaissance is a sanctuary. With Dr. Kevin's guidance and encouragement, you are given the opportunity to discover and/or recover your authentic self. You are challenged to be not only a better chiropractor but a better human being. I am grateful beyond words."

Dr. L

“I have a team and belong to The New Renaissance family who holds me to a higher standard. Now, my patients have a Doctor who each day is growing stronger, and striving for more with them, for more with our community, for more with our world.”