Love Has No Color Documentary Update

Documentary Update:

As you all know, we have been on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation for almost six years.  There have been many issues, events, politics, hurdles and hoops we have had to jump through to get things accomplished.  Now that we are in a partnership, to say, with the Tribe and Tribal Council, we are collaborating our efforts to make sure we are doing things at the right time to further the Love Has No Color movement.  This brings us to the documentary and where we stand.  The Fort Peck Reservation has been hit with a tremendous amount of devastation this year; multiple suicides and then national media exposing these acts.  The loss of Darryl Red Eagle adds to a whole list of things too long to mention.

That being said, the Tribal Council has asked us, as a partner with the best interest of their people at heart, to postpone the filming of the LHNC documentary this year.  The Tribal Council’s position is that the exposure of the negative events is finally calming down on the Reservation.  Their fear is the media and film crew bringing all of this back up, when it just got calmed down…and how it would affect their children.  We as the leaders of TNR can totally understand this.  Dr. Kevin recently flew out to the Reservation to discuss the filming of the documentary in detail to see where we stood.  It was great that Dr. Kevin had the opportunity to talk to them face to face, because he could feel their concern immensely.  By no means was the Tribal Council cancelling the project.  They just feel that the timing is bad.  School has just gone back into session, sports started back up and the children’s minds are now occupied with excitement and hope again.

We will move forward on all other projects.  The Chiropractic Revitalization Wellness Center will get on the drawing board and we will be planning with the Tribal Council to schedule the filming of the documentary sometime in 2012.  Of course, our annual Boot Camp and Christmas on the Reservation events will be in full swing and bigger and better than ever.

Dr. Pallis and I want you to know that this documentary will get done and that under the circumstances that took place on the Reservation this year,  we can totally understand the Tribal Council’s position. We have to look out for the mindset of the people and the Children of the Reservation.  Even though we know filming this documentary will give us a vehicle to let the nation really know what is going on, we have to be compassionate to the individuals who are living in this environment everyday.

So keep your eyes peeled for events happening on the Reservation.  Even though the filming of the documentary is temporarily put on hold, we will be putting all of our focus on the other projects that we need to get up and running.  And hey, look at it this way: when we do shoot the documentary, we could have a full-functioning Chiropractic office already on the Reservation!

Have a wonderful day!

~Dr. Ed