Love Has No Color Fundraiser — Clinic’s Final Stage!!

The Chiropractic Clinic on Fort Peck is JUST ABOUT FINISHED!  Everyone’s hard work, generosity, and belief in this project is finally paying off and becoming a reality.  We can’t thank you enough for your support.  For those of you who have sent in donations, we really want to recognize you.  Thank you.  We literally could not do it without you.

For those of you wanting to get involved or to donate, we definitely need you!!  As with any building project, unexpected expenses have popped up and Love Has No Color is running on fumes.

To finish this final stage and get the clinic running, we really need all hands on deck.  Support the kids.  This is their one shot at health and to have an incredible role model (our TNR doc, Dr. Craig Onstott) guide them toward productive, purposeful adulthood.  Without Chiropractic, that Reservation will get worse and worse…who knows how bad it could get and how far it could spread.  We’re in a position to change that paradigm; to make a difference.

It begins and ends with you.  Will you stand up for these kids?  We’re not asking for your life savings or your firstborn here…anything and everything helps these children and gets them healthy sooner.  Here’s a link to the donation form, or call us to donate via credit card.

Thanks in advance, so many of you have stepped up in amazing ways.  You are all heroes in our eyes.

Dr. Kevin & Dr. Ed — Love Has No Color