If you had a magic wand…

Would you continue as a Chiropractor…or look for greener pastures?

Your income, enjoyment and satisfaction all come down to the gap between your expectations and experience

It’s funny the things we remember from our childhood and the timing of formative events. During times of challenge, these events often revisit us as recollections, dreams or “coincidences.”

Do you remember the first time when you watched a parent struggle with something? It might have been being fired from a job, sporting events, divorce, financial difficulty, etc. For the first time in your life, you realized that although they were superhuman in your eyes, they had the same weaknesses as everyone else.

When your expectations don’t meet your experience or reality, (we call it the gap) it can certainly be confusing to the child. This can be equally as confusing to the adult. When you have dreamed for years of becoming a DC and helping lots of people and then it doesn’t happen how you imagined it, you’ve entered the GAP!

Some DCs ignore the emotional consequences of living in the gap…the dull anxiety, the frustration of unrelenting debt, working in environments that ‘beats you down’, quitting and accepting lowered levels of achievement, etc. Then there are other DCs who are aware that there is more to Chiropractic than what they are currently doing. They know that you can be a great DC and be paid like a great DC…if you know how. Instead of giving up and enduring a practice that doesn’t give back, they are searching for solutions.

Searching for solutions is a double edged sword…you need water to live and you can also drown in it.

Too many times earnest DCs call upon coaches to help them, and too many times, the fit is not right. Online coaching is very popular today and it has its purposes, but when you get right down to it, for most DCs to really flourish, they are going to need more personalized guidance and support. They need someone to make sense out of it and simplify it for them. It’s like the difference between being taught how to change your brakes by your mechanic or looking up a 5 minute YouTube video on brake repair. Information only goes so far, but how about tools, experience and expertise?

Many coaches tell you the only way to make money in Chiropractic is to become a salesman of everything from weight loss powder, rehab, physical therapy, and more. If that is your expectation and you are willing to become a salesman, you have found the right fit. Unfortunately, many DCs are not willing to become salespeople to become what is traditionally perceived as successful.

What if you wanted to increase your practice with more Chiropractic, inside or outside of insurance?

There are so many DCs who want to help more people and increase their income, but they are in practices that don’t reflect their abilities or talents. They need someone to help them make the change, someone who has their back. Many DCs want to branch out into more than just a back pain doctor. Perhaps wellness, difficult cases, or even kids.

The solution is always in the fit.

When DCs call upon TNR for help, we actually don’t know if we can help them. We have solutions, but the solutions are dependant on the fit. This may sound extremely old school, but we have potential members fill out a practice profile (you will not believe how enlightening this will be) and get on the phone and actually talk about what you want out of practice. This gives you an opportunity to experience the fit before you commit. We hear the horror stories about DCs never even meeting their coaches, so we start the process by getting to know each other and listening to what you want.

If the fit is right, you’ll be the first to know. If the fit is not right, we wish you the best of luck in finding one that is. Having a great practice is not rocket science…it’s just all about fit.


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