A member's perspective: TNR has ruined me

We took the liberty of asking one of our members how they thought TNR differed from other Chiropractic programs; and this is what they had to say…

This past weekend I went to a coaching seminar for a group that I used to be a part of. Heard some great speakers like Dr. Guy Riekman and Gilles LaMarche talk about their visions for chiropractic and what it can do for the health of the world.

Amongst the “pep talks” were segments by a very friendly, smart, experienced doctor that now coaches. We went over mindsets in practice, patient procedures, marketing, etc.

While it was all good information, it left me kind of flat. The energy was low, the people were friendly but not what you would call a “pack.” Something was missing.

To me, the seminar was a group of people working towards a common goal but it wasn’t a family. In place of emotional connection there was “say this here, then say that.” Instead of Love Has No Color, there was just another seminar to look forward to.

TNR has ruined me.

Spoiled is probably a better word. I expect all my seminars to be intense and super focused. To cram a week into a day. To be filled with people that can’t wait to be a part of a healthier planet. And to have those same people feel like I’ve known them my entire life.

To have the opportunity to have an experience that goes WAY beyond just taking notes and writing down quotes that I hope still inspire me when I look at them a few days later.

Being a part of this family has changed my life and made me expect more from all the other “coaches” out there. There’s TNR, then there’s everything else.