Most DCs don’t see kids, now seniors, who’s next?

A trend with the demographics of a given practice reflect not how a doctor wants to practice, rather what insurance companies begrudgingly will pay. So much for freedom or equality in the land of the free. This business model is legal; however, if we allow insurance companies to dictate the levels of humanity then most DCs won’t see kids or seniors because it isn’t paid for. Surprise, surprise.

What if you wanted to serve all levels of humanity with Chiropractic and be successful at it?  Isn’t there a model that allows you to do so, or is it one size fits all?

The answer is a resounding yes: the humanitarian model that doesn’t put profit over people. It’s win-win for the doctor, the patient, the profession and the planet.

More and more DCs are welcoming larger and larger parts of their income in cash thanks to dwindling third party reimbursement, mortgage-sized deductibles, and phantom benefits.

Contrary to popular thought, consumers don't mind paying cash for things that are unique, valuable and relevant.

What they are not okay doing is paying cash for something common, not valuable or something they don’t understand.

Millennials and Gen X parents are desperately seeking help with their ailing kids.  When you offer care above and beyond pain relief, they will step forward and pay cash.

With seniors, the parents and grandparents who have lived their entire lives under a system that rewards people to be sick, they are in a most vulnerable position. The rules of the game have been changed and they are stuck right in the middle.

True, some seniors are so brainwashed that if it isn’t covered, then they will do without. There are also a growing number of seniors that aren’t necessarily wealthy; however, they will pay outside the system for care that helps them with their quality of life.

If you live only for the business model, you will see things as they are dictated to you.  Like a chameleon, you will change to adapt to your surroundings even at the cost of your integrity.

If you are in service to humanity and you have a deep connection to people, you will find a way to serve all levels of humanity.