October used to be a “regular” month…we had Total Immersion, but that was about it.  We spent our time focusing on the November seminar, making sure our members are taken care of, and bringing new DC’s into our TNR family.

Then came October 2011…man oh man are we busy here at TNR headquarters!  We love it, too!  We are just coming off our wild West Coast tour, preparing for the largest TNR seminar to date (Revitalization Seminar on Nov. 5), gearing up for a huge Total Immersion,  planning a Love Has No Color Fundraising Party in Rockford, IL, and going to be making an appearance at New Beginnings Philosophy Weekend at the end of the month.  Whew!

The crazy thing is, we’re having more fun.  More DC’s are hearing our message.  More and more are getting involved in Love Has No Color.  It’s an incredible feeling.  We once felt invisible.  Sure, we have loyal and amazing members we wouldn’t trade the world for, but when you can’t share your gift and help people, it stinks.  We know you know the feeling 😉

What’s your October look like?  Are you kickin’ a** and takin’ names or are you feeling sluggish?  Life does throw a lot your way, but it’s your choice how you ‘deal’ with it.  We’d recommend registering for The Revitalization Seminar…it’s free and just the boost you could be looking for!!