Practice Solutions That Don’t Work

Your clinic is doing okay, you have a great staff, loyal patients, and a nice office, but something just isn’t clicking. Sure, your collections are more than enough to cover all your expenses, but for the time and effort you’ve put into creating your office, you should be further along. Your spouse has told you this a few times. You start surfing the web and finding the seductive promises to help you improve your practice:

1) You can redesign your website with all the bells and whistles. The website design people will talk about all these technical terms, like SEO’s and pay per click, and it all sounds great…the problem is, and always will be, the considerable expense and time. Will it produce results for you?

2) You can start being all things to all people. Many DCs choose to be providers of a vast array of services including vitamins, essential oils, weight loss powder, modalities, rehab, etc.

3) You can become a digital marketer and pay for advertisements on social media, etc. What kind of quality will your new patients be?

4) You can get the latest whiz bang billing system and spend months of time and effort away from growing your practice.

Here’s another way of looking at solutions to your practice problems. There’s nothing wrong with investing in things outside of yourself. However, no matter how you attracted your new patients, you are going to have to care for them up front and personal on a face to face basis.

Sooner or later you are going to have to…

1) Form relationships of trust

2) Communicate in the language of the patient

3) Educate the patient as to what ‘tic’ is and what you stand for

4) Establish boundaries

While the rest of the profession is moving toward shorter and shorter care for adults that are in pain only (some DCs see patients for only a handful of visits), there is a decided minority that want to serve other niches, but they just don’t know how.

Lots of DCs want help with bringing more CHIROPRACTIC to more people. They want to have niches: like kids, wellness care, pre-natal care, difficult cases, etc.

What if you were unlike any doctor in your community? If you’re honest with yourself, new patients are indeed very important, but isn’t it more important to finally learn how to KEEP THEM, once and for all?

Many don’t realize that there are huge amounts of people in these ‘niche’ markets (they really aren’t), that are in need and are willing to pay inside or outside of insurance. Plus, you will have no competition from other doctors!

If you’re the kind of doctor who thirsts to learn how to bring more ‘tic’ to more people and get paid for it, we need to hear from you.