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Take off the armor

Thanks, Dr. Kevin, I am putting my armor in the closet, I don’t need it anymore. Let me explain. My entire life I had built a suit of armor to try to protect myself and strive for acceptance at all costs, especially to my own self-worth and growth. I have always thought this armor protected me and served me in battle, but the armor I had on didn’t fit anymore. I couldn’t grow to the person I needed to be in that outdated suit of armor. My Head-to-Head experience opened my eyes to the fact that I don’t need armor, that’s outside-in-protection. I am good enough right now. I know that growth can’t come without risk and commitment, but I don’t have that fear in my belly anymore and I am ready to pay the toll for change. I had the best armor in the world and all it was doing was protecting a lowered self-image. Thank you again for helping me tap into the internal courage, strength, wisdom, and integrity that I possess. I can now see the warrior I am, the warrior I need to become and will become, allowing me to set the world on fire. I have a new sense of love, gratitude, and appreciation for my life, wife, patients, and practice. The warrior’s path starts from within and I am forever grateful to be on that path with The New Renaissance.    

 All Chiropractors have methods or strategies that they use to protect themselves professionally as well as personally. An example is letting people get away with things and pretending you don’t see it or care. Putting up these walls or wearing the masks serve us in the short term but eventually they slowly turn into prisons. They prove to be ineffective to wall out pain, guilt, or the pressures of serving the public, being there for loved ones, or being someone others can trust and depend on.

Like a scab, armor and masks initially protect our open wounds like difficult childhoods, weaknesses, etc. But in exchange for this protection, we become hardened, numb, or stop feeling. We lose our sense of aliveness, of being in the moment, and our purpose and meaning in life. We become hollowed out versions of ourselves.

So many of the Chiropractors I have helped had lost their spirit or their identity while still searching for the quick fix or easy button. They thought they weren’t smart enough and needed more letters behind their name or to learn a new technique. This sense of loss may manifest itself as chronic CA woes, new patient issues, income, debt, insurance dependency, marital strife, illness, kids don’t respect you, etc. They predictably kept looking for something outside of themselves to solve the problem: a new add on, a piece of software, an expensive social media campaign of driving in low-quality new patients, SEO, or a bright shiny object of new patient attraction that would rescue them.

These things may or may not work temporarily but, like a drug, they come with huge side effects and can actually cannibalize or kill the very body they were designed to help.

 Taking down the facades or armor and masks that we wear is not easy. After all, we’ve had them for so long. They are so familiar and comfortable for us and our stubborn pride keeps them in place. With help from their spouse, friends, CPA, the IRS, etc., the Chiropractors that I have helped finally gained the insight that what was not working in their life would keep them from where they needed to go.

When you realize your old strategies don’t work any longer and you can start being honest about who you are, mistakes and all, without putting your armor or mask on, you are ready for my help.

I find more and more Chiropractors asking for help before they hit the proverbial rock bottom. If you want to endure all the pain and suffering (emotionally, financially, anxiety, anger) of hitting rock bottom, that’s your choice.

I’m encouraging you to reach out today before you hit rock bottom.

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