Ready for a Transformation?

A lot of people want to know exactly what happens in a Head to Head. Of course, it is different depending on whether your coach is Dr. Kevin or Dr. Ed. But one thing remains the same no matter your coach: you cannot describe what occurs during a Head to Head in words. Below is a success story from a Head to Head with Dr. Kevin. It is an experience unlike any other, and cannot be promoted through the use of words. You must experience it for yourself. Every one is different, too. It’s not a “oh, I’ve already had one” kind of deal. Head to Heads on a regular basis are a necessary part of your growth. When was YOUR last Head to Head? Are you ready for the ultimate transformation in both your professional and personal life? Schedule your next Head to Head today.


It happened. It began in February. When I look back on a long life as a chiropractor, I’ll always remember my great awakening, the Head to Head. It would be difficult to explain to a blind man what a tree looks like, even though he can grasp and feel it. It is equally difficult to explain to a brother or sister chiropractor, the vibrant energy, spirit, and sense of rejuvenation that is the Head to Head, unless they have experienced it for themselves.

Let’s face it, to go through a Head to Head with Dr. Kevin and the TNR girls is a challenge. They don’t teach you how to speak or give you a script to follow. They help (make) you find your center, your passion for chiropractic, and the right words within yourself. Dr. Kevin challenged me to live up to my potential, not just as a chiropractor, but as a father and a husband. To me, it felt like Dr. Kevin was holding my head under water. I flailed about, resisted, and questioned until I realized I could breathe under water. Then, the program “clicked!”

I had a long trip from Upper Michigan to Boston to meet with Dr. Kevin. My trip home seemed twice as long, as all I wanted to do was get back from my office and start seeing my patients. I suffered two sleepless nights following my Head to Head before my office opened on Monday. My first day back, I broke my single day record for patient visits and am well on my way to building the practice I have always wanted. Do yourself, your loved ones, and your patients a favor, join The New Renaissance. Join a family of chiropractors who care not only about your practice success, but your personal growth as well. The greatest obstacle to achieving your dream practice is you, but it doesn’t need to be that way.