Stay in Your Lane

Stay in your lane

Should I add one or more of these things to my office: a Covid testing center, a cannabis dispensary, vitamins, massage, or physical therapy? The answer: only if you don't believe in the true powers of Chiropractic!

 Never before in our illustrious history have there been so many interpretations of Chiropractic.

Different interpretations have always been around; however, now they take on so much more significance.

In a sick world, wellness is the solution, not more supposed cures to the latest disease.

Your choice on how to practice Chiropractic matters. As much as things change, there is an urgent need in society for certainty.

News flash: Regular Chiropractic care increases health in all individuals.

 It doesn't matter how close-minded you profess to be, if you're fundamental to opposing views, or if you refuse to believe. The truth doesn’t need your agreement, consensus, or permission. It just is.

This fact can fade into obscurity rather quickly, especially with so many Chiropractors providing pain-relieving, adult-only Chiropractic.

The objective of this writing is not to dictate to you how to practice, rather encourage principled Chiropractors to stay in your lane.

Now, more than ever, the world needs Chiropractors dedicated to children and adults.  Chiropractors that not only care for acute challenges to health, but also the development of health (wellness) in the next generation.

As I have stated hundreds of times, providing symptomatic relief only will not change the paradigm of health.

Health is not simply having a pain-free lower back or neck.

There are so many ships setting sail away from Chiropractic; make sure you are not one of them. We need all the principled Chiropractors to be on deck and on the front lines where we belong!