Love Has No Color Boot Camp
August 9th - 11th

Student Coaching Program

It’s so easy to get lost, jaded, or become isolated. Our Chiropractic dreams can go from being one of the most important things in our lives to just not mattering anymore. Imagine being around dozens of inspired and motivated DC2B’s and yet still feeling isolated and lost. Your parents and friends may be thousands of miles away and your fellow students are all busy and distracted with their own stressful classes. Nobody seems to know what you’re going through. As a result, too many DC’s drop back class after class, become discouraged, and eventually drop out, when in reality, all they need is someone strong in their corner…RIGHT NOW!

When I speak at Chiropractic Colleges, one of my favorite questions to ask the early quarter and semester DC2Bs is, “Who wants their own dream practice?” Every hand shoots straight up into the air. We also ask them what was the motivating force that inspired them to become DCs in the first place. We hear some amazing stories of transformations and personal experiences, like DCs helping their parents or loved ones, and more. What an inspirational springboard to explode you into the exciting world of Chiropractic!

When we speak to the Juniors and Seniors who are already in student clinic and ask them, “Who wants their own dream practice?”, not very many hands go up. So many say they are going to test the waters of associateship or take it slow by becoming an independent contractor. I have nothing against being an associate or independent contractor, but what happened in the time between when they first got to Chiropractic College and when they were nearing graduation?

The answer is: they got beat down and scared, and decided to play it safe.

Going it alone, especially when still in Chiropractic College, is enough to do in even the toughest, most resilient person. Not having your inner gifts and strong, yet dormant, abilities developed is a tragic price to pay. If you look at the report on recent graduates, it paints a somber, grim picture that looks nothing like what those bright eyed and bushy tailed first years expected for their future. Perhaps even more concerning is when you look at what the newly minted graduate expects to earn: there is a serious disconnect between their expectations and what others have told them.

Student Coaching just doesn’t help you get through school…

It goes way beyond that. It guides you to be successful at school, as well as cultivating habits of success after you graduate. Having a coach in your corner makes all the difference in the world. Not only do our TNR DC2Bs have an easier time graduating and have less re-takes with classes and boards, they also have the confidence, knowledge, systems, and ability to start their own practice if they choose to. Instead of dreading the next test, our DC2B’s mantra is, “Bring it!”

Every DC I've coached who joined after they graduated says the same thing: they wish they had begun coaching with us sooner!

Chiropractic Colleges prepare you to get doctor training, pass boards, and get a state license, but with all due respect, being successful is not a priority of CCE! Our student coaching program shows students how to successfully run their practices and it prepares students for the real world.


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Dr. Lisa

Dr. Lisa Graham

“I have a team and belong to The New Renaissance family who holds me to a higher standard. Now, my patients have a Doctor who each day is growing stronger, and striving for more with them, for more with our community, for more with our world.”

Patient Testimonial

Dr. Alice Jeong

“TNR and Dr. Kevin has not only helped me start up my naturopathic clinic, but has transformed me incredibly. He liberated me from all my fears, and helped me start actually living life with joy, so that I have the passion and strength to pay it forward to everyone that I meet.”

Patient Testimonial

Dr. Craig Hensley

“After being in TNR for a month I had my best single day in practice and my best month in practice. I went from wondering if my doors will be open in 6 months to being excited about the possibilities for growth over the next 6 months.”

Patient Testimonial

Sarah Lajeunesse

“I signed up for coaching with Dr. Kevin over a year ago to "get more clients". I got that and a hell of a lot more than I had ever expected, the least of which was not only more clients but a much, much higher income.”


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