The Path to Success

I recently spoke some DC2Bs at Life U about a favorite topic of ours: how to start an ultra-successful practice from scratch.

It was apparent that the overall vibe to the room was fear and unpreparedness. There were so many 12th and 13th quarter students knowing they don’t have the tools to start their own practice, and yet graduation day is looming and they’re asking themselves, now what?

While a few were going to work at their parent’s or a relative’s office, most were on the hunt for associate positions. There was not a sweet anticipation of game day, graduating SEAL training and awaiting your first real mission, leaving the minors and entering the big leagues; instead, there was fear, dread, and the feeling of being trapped with no place to go.

Truthfully, there is absolutely no reason students should to be subjected to that. TNR’s student program works with DC2Bs the moment they land on campus, so that they’re able to keep their head in the game and be prepared for the REAL WORLD.

It’s the same for DCs. We find so many DCs that may be in toxic environments, whether it be long, exhaustive hours, unappreciative patients, demanding bosses, Wendy’s wages, or the mountains of never-ending debt. But they also have a spark deep within that knows they are capable of doing more, helping more people, and earning a much bigger income.

When patients come in with a health crisis, it’s a tall order to have them stop their world and commit to health. DCs are no different. In order to get the results you want (helping more people, earning tons more income, bringing the adventure back to your life) you are going to have to join a community and make a commitment.

So many young DCs get so involved with Internet driven schemes of soft openings, sharing space with other broke practitioners, BSOs, isolation from other like-minded DCs, and other perversions that perpetuate the myth of Chiropractic being an adult only, musculoskeletal, 6 patient visit average, “crack and go” proceeding. How long do you think the Chiropractic spirit is going to last in those DCs?

There are always so many counterfeit ways of achieving success. Lottery winners will be broke within a couple of years. Liposuction looks good, but it’s a temporary change to a permanent problem. The path to achieving true success is the same today as it has been for millennia: making a full commitment to something, having a mentor in your life who tells you what you need to hear, not necessarily what you want to hear, and joining a group of like minded people who keep you plugged in to growth and being your best you.

This method of success will never change. For the DC, not only do you get what you want, there’s a remarkable shift for the better in relationship, you stay connected to your patients, your profession, and you will always have the support you need.