The problem with money

is your practice driven by money

The problem with money is it will not guarantee you happiness or a continuously growing practice. From my experience coaching brand new practices, million dollar practices, and everything in between, one thing is clear – without clarity of purpose and passion, your office will be financially driven instead of driven by your vision. Does this mean you have to take an oath of poverty if you want to have the Big Vision of adding healthier people to make a healthier planet? NO!!! In fact, when the vision burns in your spirit, the money is attracted to you like a magnet. Why not have both…in the right order?

Many DCs reading this will ask themselves, “What’s the difference?” The difference is that the principle of Chiropractic is the driving force in a Big Vision Chiropractic office. Let’s take an example from a different sector of the galaxy. Bill Gates, one of the most brilliant and influential men in the world, had a vision of connecting people of the world through the use of a personal computer. It was his passion, his dream, and his clarity of purpose that created an avalanche of money. Without this passion and purpose, he may have been successful, but he never would have reached the level that he’s at currently.

Money vs passion

Of course there is a financial reality in all Chiropractic offices. The problem is, when your office is set up to make money ahead of spreading the Big Vision of helping every man, woman and child become healthier, you get off focus. Life gets stale and predictable. Relationships grow tired and burdensome. Soon, practice is reduced to a series of bank deposit slips. So many Chiropractors eagerly “escape” their practices by engaging in expensive hobbies, buying expensive toys, or traveling every other weekend.

When the passion burns in your spirit, you are alive again! You fall in love with each practice member and Chiropractic just like when you first started in practice. There is never any selling anyone on anything because you are always VISION driven to recommend optimum care… not minimum care or only what the insurance will pay for.

It’s like every practice member is your mother or grandmother. Are you going to sell to them or communicate to them how important it is to have VSC removed for a lifetime? Will you change your recommendations to match the HMO/PPO/Insurance Company reimbursement schedule, or will you tell them straight up how long it will really take? Now remember, it takes twelve to sixteen weeks for a simple sprain of a diarthrodial weight bearing joint to resolve. How many layers of forgotten and remembered spinal injuries and trauma do you think your last practice member had?

The secret to success? Being driven by passion for Chiropractic

Many DCs don’t utilize this philosophy of communicating from your heart to your practice member’s heart. It’s not only what you say – it’s your office procedure, your patient education, your teammates, and your office environment. When you have a complete system in place combined with passion and clarity of purpose, you have no competition; you enter a league of your own.  You’ll find that when you’re driven by passion, your office will have higher referral activity, higher patient visit averages, less stress, more fun, and much less staff turnover. Some might ask, “what does passion and clarity of vision have to do with these factors?” The answer is that everyone is attracted to men and women of vision. When you are part of a vision, your staff will feel loved and appreciated. It will become more than just a job.

You have all seen men and women of passion. Look at Angelina Jolie. Of course she’s a great actress and absolutely beautiful, but women like that are a dime a dozen. It’s her passion, clarity of purpose, and humanitarian spirit that makes her extraordinary. When you are able to communicate your vision and practice members feel your passion, they automatically want to refer in their loved ones and friends. They comply with your recommendations happily; time, distance, scheduling, and money seem to be problems in other DC offices around town, not yours. When you give, you get. Create your life with the Big Vision in your heart and all else will follow, including money.

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