The real reason your patient bailed!

The examination went well enough, the patient appeared to be enthusiastic, wanted some much needed help and uttered the immortal words “I’ll do whatever it takes”.  From your x-rays and examination, there is plenty of reason for their current condition.  You know you can help her.  You’ve prepared a great Report of Findings, great recommendations and then it happened…

They’re a no-show!

Have you ever really thought about when a patient bails?

There is an invisible, subconscious tendency for the doctor to blame themselves and 2nd guess themselves.

Not only does this not help, it will drive you nuts.

Then, you start to look at your fees, your insurance inclusion, and start thinking about making things more convenient for patients.  Maybe you even think about lowering your fees some more.

No, this is not the problem.

The real reason for no-shows, drop outs, people who don’t want help is that they were burned, betrayed or abandoned and they are not going to let that happen again.

You can’t blame them; but you can recognize this and take action to prevent this from happening in your office, over and over again.

Patients have to be reassured and feel confident with your belief in them before you impress them with your knowledge or ability.

From the example above, they will never experience a DCs ability or lack of because they will never receive care!

It wasn’t a clinical problem; it was a failure of communication: a bond of trust that was never formed.

Since when is anything more important than my clinical skills?

Relationships are key; how a patient feels about their doctor actually creates their behavior and decision, including bailing.

It’s actually more important because it gets in the way of patients experiencing your incredible clinical skills.

It’s literally a deal breaker!