The Rival of Your Journey


Every one among us is on a journey. It’s not a good journey or a bad journey, but it’s our own individualized, unique journey. We will either learn from our life’s journey and bring these lessons with us as we move forward, or we will create stories that validate all the alleged reasons as to why we don’t move forward. Our perception of this journey colors and shapes our every day behavior, thoughts, and mannerisms. Do we wear our scars proudly or do we cover them up and pretend we don’t have them. Optimistic or pessimistic? Self responsibility or someone else will do it for me? Is the world a safe place or a fearful, dark place? Indeed, it’s not the actual journey we take; rather, it’s our perception or reaction to it. We don’t see the world as it is, we see the world as we are. Some people who are in the midst of terrible circumstances appear to shine, and others who should be thankful for their fortunes are doing anything but.

Inside every one of our collective consciousness is a self-saboteur called the ego. It limits our possibilities because they fly in direct opposition to our past programming. Our egos are not bad or villains as some paint it. Rather they protect past beliefs and experiences obsessively, and demand no change, growth, or departure from them. As a result of this limiting factor, like a governor on an engine, most people are ill suited to journey into the unknown, adapt or accept new ways of doing things.

So rigid is this anti-change view, it (the ego) would rather see the body die, fight a war, or push loved ones away than surrender to a new way of doing things. Much like a gun, the ego calibrates rather neutral. It has no inherent or intrinsic morality. You can use a gun for protection, for survival, or you can shoot someone with it. Depends on the user, not the gun. Same with the ego, it simply protects pre-existing beliefs, experiences, and opinions that were thrust upon you when you were young and vulnerable. Unless they are enacted upon, those beliefs, experiences, and opinions will stay there for the rest of your life. You will be imprisoned to them unless you have the tools and courage to trade them in for growth and having your needs met.