“Arrogance? Ignorance? What’s the difference?”

You went to school for so many years.  You were dedicated and focused, and as a result, you really know your stuff.  That, paired with your over the top tech-savvy office, software, and new fancy equipment should warrant success in every meaning of the word....right?  Your reality, however, is filled with patients that treat you with little or no respect. Confusion sets in as you think, "Don’t they know all the effort I went through to help them?"  

Sure, they like you, but is that enough?  Sometimes, they forget to call you Doctor but that's okay because they're super committed!  Well... that is until the insurance runs out; but other than that, they are great to be around!

The truth is, even though their behavior is abysmal, it’s not their fault!  They have been brainwashed and programmed by society to believe that medical care is the end-all be-all, Mac-daddy, one and only cure.  To them, any other system of care is non-scientific and cannot be legitimate if it's not covered by insurance.  Regardless of how many years it has been around, and how many people it has helped, they still scoff at it.


Imagine the Trump-like arrogance of MD’s belittling acupuncture!  It has been around for thousands of years and has helped millions of people.  Imagine the arrogance of holding a diamond in your hand and treating it like cubic zirconia. Because of this indoctrination in our society, the general public just doesn't appreciate what a DC does.


You can’t take it personally, but you do need a strategy to help people see what Chiropractic really is.  Not knowing something is not ignorant, however, thinking you do and fighting for it blindly, is.


As a DC, you can continue to lower your standards and lower your recommendations so that they match bare insurance guidelines.  In the long run, though, this is continuing to LOWER your INCOME.  There is another way.  You have the choice to go in a completely different direction and stand out from the crowd.


Over the years, I’ve witnessed too many DCs cave to temptation and take the easier route.  Once they step foot on that path, they become puppets for insurance companies.  I’ve also witnessed DC after DC throw their hands in the air and say, "Enough is enough!"  


Some of them have clicked around on the TNR website and some have called me directly. Regardless of the channel they chose, they were all fed up with what was happening to them and their practice.  They did not want to be so insurance dependent anymore and wanted my help.  Together we came up with a strategy to get them practicing the way they wanted to, inside or outside insurance!


I help DCs create practices that are humanitarian, get clinical results others don't, and enjoy 3, 5, 10x the income of other DCs. 


I am looking for ambitious, passionate DCs who want to know, once and for all, how to ditch the outdated way of practicing, and how to adopt an easier, less stressful, less insurance dependent way of practicing. 


Never listen to the same, tired, old excuses of, "I can't afford it," or, "Does my insurance cover it?" or, "I'll have to go home and ask my spouse," ever again!