There’s a connection between success, and children!


There you are, in a community that harbors over a dozen DCs. They all have the same degree and, although they may have different vehicles for their care, they seem to all blend together and are just faces in the crowd. These DCs use lasers, different adjustment techniques, rehab, decompression, massage, nutrition, etc. Their care options are a means to an end…pain or symptom relief is the goal, directed almost exclusively toward adults.

 We (DCs) stubbornly are the only doctors (MDs, DDS, DO, etc) who cling to the outdated adult only pain relief model.

I started out my journey of Chiropractic in a white coat, with a stethoscope, all kinds of physical therapy modalities and a MD’s bag. Pain relief for adults was my passion and my driving force in my practice. I was trained to limit my care to adults only.


Pain responded very quickly to care, insurance paid for it and I was a happy camper…or so I thought. Things in our profession changed from insurance coverage to deductibles, to co-pays, etc., with no end in sight. Almost half of my time was spent chasing money that had already been earned. To get money from insurance companies, DCs were like kids who had to beg parents for their allowance. Meanwhile the needs of kids didn’t change, they only intensified.

I had to switch from an outdated way of practicing to an updated way of practicing that included KIDS!

It never occurred to me that there was anything more to Chiropractic than pain relief. Then I thought if the principles were true for adults, then they had to be true for kids.  I opened my mind to the possibility of serving kids as well as adults.


The thing that is so satisfying with kids is the look of surprise on the parents' faces when they respond clinically. The kid fully expects to get healthier, it’s the adult that acts so shocked.


We hear in our profession about the economics of MVA/WC but there are a lot of hassles, like waiting for your money, making compromises, lawyers, paperwork, and unappreciative patients. These factors make it almost unbearable and not a lot of fun or lacking in purpose. What about kids?


Caring for kids provides you, the DC, with such immense satisfaction and, surprisingly, a hefty income! One child with challenges may bring in more in the first 3-6 months than a car accident does in 2-3 years. Believe it or not, most of this care is cash and you will probably see the rest of the family in the process. Can you say referral?!


As with most things in life, if only a small percentage of people are doing something special you can be guaranteed that it takes specific training; otherwise, everybody would be doing it.


Part of the allure of TNR is DC after DC opening themselves up to the challenge of going against the grain of the average DC and seeing kids, front and center.


If you are open minded to the possibility of transforming your office from a worn out, outdated model to the model that’s embraced by Millennials and Gen X’s, we need to hear from you.


So fill out a Practice Profile, give us a call, and let's talk about how to be successful in Chiropractic.

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