TNR Happenings, March 22, 2021

TNR Happenings 3.22

Miyagi Training is on Saturday, April 17th

Since the beginning of Chiropractic, a Chiropractor’s quest has been how to gain more value, more high-quality practice members, less resistance, fewer rhetorical questions, less administration, and less regulation with adjustments. The shift has gone away from serving a person at the highest level to what the traffic will bear. Computer software is the commonality that unites all DCs. Really? Or maybe it’s the new Chiropractic technique? Respect for Chiropractic and Chiropractors is at an all-time low. For many Chiropractors outside of TNR, it is now at a level of making it or break it. Some accept pitiful allowances and lowered expectations of merely paying bills and just getting by. By going rogue and placing economics (insurance billing activities, WC and PI, BSOs, marketing, etc.) on the front burner, however, their doctor abilities must pay the price. These things are not going to go away any time soon. There will always be something to buy or something that takes them further and further away from being a once-in-a-lifetime Chiropractor. Miyagi training gives you the tools to ask for and receive higher economics and commitment levels in exchange for being humanitarian and getting clinical results others can’t. In a world that attempts to lower fees and be all things to all people, TNR events are closed-door and refreshingly premium. How can anyone have a PVA of a few visits? Do you ever wonder how you can exponentially increase your income outside of insurance without the need to put Chiropractic on the back burner? This is accomplished with more adjustments, deeper relationships, deeper emotional connections, trust, etc. There is no need to add more staff or increase your overhead. You don’t need to write off hundreds upon hundreds of adjustments that you already provided or allow insurance companies to hold you hostage. Freedom awaits you on April 17. The deadline for discounted tickets is April 2. As of this writing, a Head-to-Head opportunity still exists for Sunday.

Miyagi April 17

Practice tip of the week

Stop agreeing with people when they express ignorant concepts, ideas, and questions. Allowing practice members to waste your time as they brag about their latest vaccines is not a good use of your time and wastes personal power. An example is talking about all the skipped appointments and ice cream and beer you consumed with your personal trainer; this is not going to get you to where you want to be. It’s too easy to be polite and keep answering the same questions as you get the same responses: ‘I’ll go home and ask my spouse’, ‘That sounds like a lot of adjustments’, ‘Do I really need all those adjustments?’, ‘Does insurance cover it?’ This is similar to the white elephant in the room when newly married couples are getting to know each other: can I trust you? If you are still answering that question decades later, you are in big trouble. Every poster, saying on the wall, clinical procedure, patient education, etc. is designed to eliminate the incessant, rhetorical line of questions which are then replaced with UNDERSTANDING. These questions seem genuine, intelligent, and well thought out but THEY ARE NOT! They are a deception or stalling tactic to not make a decision. Remember, Miyagi training is on April 17, and if you are having difficulty getting a yes at $2,000, wouldn’t it be prudent to find out how to get a yes at $5,000, $10,000, $15,000, or even $20,000? If you can get a yes at these higher values, it’s not by assuming your role of answering questions that won’t change commitment levels and decisions people make in your office.


One of the joys of coaching

I have been guiding people for over two decades and I never tire of hearing about people making HUGE breakthroughs in their lives. Some of these breakthroughs have been relationship improvements and upgrades, expanding families, improvements in health, etc. It’s also nice to witness young and not so young TNR members living a life of more purpose and meaning. Some are buying or building new homes, taking luxury vacations, and hitting personal bests with patients seen and collections, but the thing I notice more than anything else is they don’t get arrogant with such high levels of achievement. This arrogance not only happens in our profession, but it also happens all around us, like with MDs and lawyers. TNR people don’t get heavy or insist on the need to control, manipulate, or dominate those around them. They don’t become narcissistic or self-important. They are a joy to be around, whether it is with family, friends, practice members, or anyone they meet. Below is a paragraph taken from Kenny Smoker’s thank you letter from this past year’s Christmas on the Reservation. This gives me such great joy knowing such a high-resonating group of people has come together for shared interests and a common purpose.

“Throughout the years you have managed to work through any issue that arises, always with a positive attitude. This speaks highly of you personally and the strong values within you. You and your team had always been committed in helping underserved communities. It is an inspiration for others to follow. I can say there is not a time where I saw a negative attitude from anyone of your group in the many years you were here. You have reminded me of what is said about our Buffalo and the comparison of your group: When a storm approaches, the Buffalo would face the storm and walk into it, being brave and courageous, not sheltering themselves or turning away. Hitting it head-on with no fear?”


Dr. Derrick’s office is almost open!

It’s been a long wait, but Dr. Derrick is almost up and running. Other than the plumbing, electrical, and a few other things, he did most of the work with his own hands. Words cannot do it justice. It is colorful, bold, and has more sayings and patient education than in most offices. You would have to be in his office hundreds of times to read it all. I guess that’s the point: Healthier people create a healthier planet. He even painted his staff bathroom orange like his alma mater Princeton colors. I am so proud of him. Congrats Dr. Derrick!

From the Mind of Miyagi


Have you ever noticed how many experts there are when it comes to anything? It’s just not with disease, it’s also with how to earn money, how to spend your money, what to do in relationships, etc. Everyone believes that they actually know when nothing could be further from the truth. Do you know how insulting it is when someone tells a relative who is dying what the cure is? “I saw it on the internet; it’s got to be true.” So many people get exposed when it comes to disease, marriage issues, kid issues, aging parents, and financial issues. They will enter the age-old trap: they don’t know what to do. This ability has not been developed in most people. Many will hire MDs, CPAs, or investment people to do the job. Is it really helping?  Does it help to ask an MD about health?  You could make a case about asking about disease but health, no way.

TNR takes a person with or without letters next to their names and shifts their orientation from dependency to independence or from slavery to freedom.  Like water, each individual possesses unlimited potential. In our society, however, they are placed in containers or surroundings that limit this power almost to a trickle. It’s an invisible way of sabotaging an individual’s unlimited potential.  It’s never a question of the person having the power to accomplish their goals; it’s always the container they are placed in. Remember this when practice members are acting silly. The same thing applies to healing. Saying what can’t be done is easy and well accepted by the unsuspecting masses. It takes no courage to proclaim a person incurable. Incurable according to whom? It takes no courage to give up on somebody. When the container is swapped out for surroundings that allow water to do its infinite possibilities, miracles happen. We call this transformation in TNR. Constant input from training opportunities, Head-to-Heads, and homework help members shift the containers with new behaviors and beliefs. When you are operating in a container that allows your potential to surface rather than restricts it, everyone will want to be near you. Things become smooth in your life and conflict fades. Don’t ask where it went; just be glad it’s gone. You become like a magnet. You will get yeses, where others with the same degree and practicing on the same street will get nos.

To do something truly worthwhile in this society takes a special kind of person who must choose to be in a different container. It’s about as popular as not wearing a mask today, even though it’s the key to achieving your greatness. Try as you might, you can’t climb the mountain with a people-pleasing, asking for help from people that don’t know, attitude. It must be contrarian, distinct, and separate from society’s expectations and opinions of what you should be doing. TNR members tend to be bold, careful with personal power, and ruthless when it comes to people pissing down their backs and telling them it’s raining. All through our lives, we have been taught to ask for help from people who don’t know. It’s the effect of being placed in a container that cripples your potential. No matter what relationship, job, or location you are in, your unlimited has been rendered limited. The world doesn’t know and doesn’t care about the nurturing of this potential.


DCME confidential


Question 1: My Level 2 DCME practice member wants me to write clinical notes and a diagnosis for submission to his insurance. I thought DCMEs were cash and prepaid. I made up a 3-year financial plan for him. What should I do?

Answer: The April 17th Miyagi training will answer all of your questions. In the meantime, let it be known that you are being hosed or bamboozled, as one of our members likes to say.

Question 2: I have a practice member that has been to over 10 doctors, including multiple Chiropractors. She sternly told me that she was not a Level 2. She also said she just needed to find the right Chiropractor that had the right technique who would do it for the right price. Could you give me some guidance, please?

Answer: You are being taken for a ride. People with chronic illnesses always foist their frustrations on the next willing participant in Deal or No Deal. She has no idea what it takes and if you let her steer the ship, you will add your name to the roll call of unsuccessful doctors attempting to help this damsel in distress.