How to get past just being good enough as a Chiropractor

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How to get past being just good enough as a Chiropractor

 You try to do everything right to become a better Chiropractor. You put in extra time, have updated to the best software, take seminars, and blog and post on social media. You copy what everyone else is doing on YouTube. But your practice doesn't seem to get any better! What is going on?

 You are at a level in your practice where you have become competent as a Chiropractor and have hit a plateau of just being okay. You have stopped improving. Think about this: you have driven your car quite a bit and have played a lot of golf, but have your driving skills or golf skills improved due to that? Sure, you got more experience at driving and playing golf, but experience is not the same as development.

Stagnation happens when experience becomes a routine. We begin to do the activity automatically without thinking too much about it.

This doesn't just happen with driving a car or playing golf, it happens in our own practices as well.

Who knew being competent could actually invisibly hurt you and stagnate development?

 How do you get past this just being okay plateau?

 That is where The New Renaissance comes in. We train Chiropractors using similar principles that world-class athletes use. Also, when you join a community with other Chiropractors at the same level or higher, they will influence you to grow and develop instead of staying where you are.

In today’s digital world, experiential, face-to-face trainings are rare. TNR trainings are and have always been, face-to-face. That's how we produce once-in-a-lifetime doctors. We develop those inner gifts so that your practice and life reflect what you want, not what you find yourself in.

This is not meant to belittle Zoom trainings or other imitations and substitutes, but merely to assert that if you want to train like a Navy Seal, it’s not going to be done remotely.

Most of the Chiropractors I’ve helped are people who are trapped in circumstances that don’t reflect their true talents and abilities. They know they can do a lot better and are willing to receive help to get there.

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