Are you giving your best?


In this excuse packed era where everything is blamed on an invisible foe, it’s easy to get sucked into not giving your best. Anything that you try to do is delayed and everyone accepts the excuse as being normal and natural. Doing what everyone else is doing is a sure-fire recipe for disaster.

 We're Chiropractors but we're also people who have been affected. How can we not be affected? Seeing spouses, family members, and friends locked up in their houses is disturbing and appalling. 

It’s getting more and more difficult to get anyone’s best effort these days. Teachers are resorting to remote learning as a substitute and imitation to real learning. Bureaucracy and paperwork delays are everywhere.

Giving your best in practice and at home sets you apart in a big way because you will be inspiring certainty in an uncertain world. Taking short cuts, participating in the hoax, and agreeing with what can’t be done is not your best effort; far from it.

Health did not go on vacation since March. 

The need to be healthy is the same as it ever was, although it appears to be more urgent now.

Giving your best is insisting on and getting commitment from your people. Patient education is the tool to reposition people from pure ignorance of health to understanding health does not come from chemical, outside-in solutions.

Giving your best is helping parents to understand about bringing their kids in for regular care, not short-term, we’ll see how it goes care.

Speaking of kids, the mental and emotional needs of kids are not being addressed. Do you have any idea of how many kids in your community won’t come out of their rooms because of fear and anxiety?

With anything great that you have done in your life, you needed someone to guide you. From buying houses to playing sports or working out, there was someone in your corner who pushed you to do things and wouldn’t let you down.

This is no time not to do your best.

There is help if you ask for it. Set up a call with me to find out how I help guide Chiropractors to give their best.