3 critical upgrades for your office in 2017

You are making your yearly trek to the CPA for your report card on how you did and how much you owe for your taxes for 2016. Depending on how analytical you are, sometimes DCs know to the dime their statistics and others don’t have a clue.  Now mind you, your CPA is a collector of information and knows nothing about Chiropractic. In other words they can’t help you grow, they can only tell you the financial ‘state of the union’ of your practice.

Your CPA tells you that you performed 600 more adjustments and earned 25% less in 2016 than in 2015.  There is some pretty impressive language that can explains  your diminished production including disappearing Chiropractic benefits, college education sized deductibles, thousands upon thousands of dollars of write offs, huge co-pays, increased cost of labor (CAs) and increased overall office expenses to run your practice.

Believe it or not, your income is an effect, not a cause. Your income is created by your internal mindset.  When you notice a downward trend in your earnings, it’s so easy to blame it on external causes and events. From the state of the government and insurance coverage to your Chiropractic College. The average DC does this unconsciously. But the discerning DC does no such thing.

I don’t want to continue on this path! I don’t want explanations for failure, I want to correct my course…immediately!

It comes down to 3 upgrades that almost every DC will make if they wish to continue to grow in 2017 and beyond.

  • You are going to have to expand your belief and vision of Chiropractic beyond adult musculoskeletal pain relief

If you are still running your office around an outdated pain relief ‘platform’, you will continue to experience a downward trend to your finances.  Care beyond pain relief, kids, difficult cases, wellness not only are more fun, it’s a whole lot more profitable!

  • You must get into ‘fair exchange’ with your patients

It’s no secret that economics for most Chiropractors are on a downward trend.  Discounting fees, eating deductibles, seeing kids for free and making deals do not help the doctor or the patient.  Did you know that people who pay and are committed to their care receive superior results? It’s true!  Most of your patients have been to other doctors before receiving care from you. Thousands or tens of thousands of dollars has been paid out on their behalf to other doctors. Why are you left out of this equation?

  • Join the humanitarian movement

If you’re not connected to something bigger than your individual success, you’re missing the boat!  Many DCs insist on remaining isolated and going it alone. License renewal snooze fests don’t count. Our willingness to join with others reduces our own fears and gives our true talents and abilities a chance to bloom. Flying in formation with other like-minded DCs who love helping others is the proven way to success in 2017.  Our world project Love Has No Color keeps us connected to helping kids in unfortunate circumstances on a reservation in Poplar, MT.

dr. kevin pallis The New Renaissance

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