How Can Kids Be The Missing Link In My Office Success?

pediatric chiopractic and my success

In my many years being a coach, I have noticed that the #1, most overlooked way to improve a practice immediately is to add pediatric care to your line up. Face it, you get out of school and your first Chiropractic experiences probably did not involve kids and after a while you settled into just seeing adults. Anyways,  no insurance coverage in the world will cover children in your office for ongoing care, so why bother?

Even those DCs who recognize the monetary value of pediatric care and want to begin seeing children  find implementing the service in their office to be a daunting task. They get help from superstar Jeannie Ohm of ICPA fame, but when they return to their offices with new information, their patients are still less than thrilled about bringing in their kids.

Why is it so difficult?

Year after year, we meet countless DCs that have had the same question for me, “Dr. Kevin can you really see kids and be successful?” I promise the answer is a resounding YES! What many fail to recognize is that parents who understand the many benefits chiropractic care can have on their child, are more often willing to pay inside or outside of insurance to ensure their child’s health.

Still think it isn’t worth it to give it a shot?

Join me for a one-hour webinar where you will be presented with concepts and practical implementation strategies of pediatric care in your office, along with a clear understanding of how Millennial and Gen X parents think. A little hint here, if you can’t speak the language of the parent, you stand very little chance of seeing their kids.

And we’re not talking about seeing kids here and there for minor, almost self-resolving conditions. We are talking about having kids as the most front and center, recession proof part of your office – even if you’ve never adjusted a child before!

To sweeten the deal, upon registering you will receive a free, PDF copy of  my book,  A Parent’s Guide to Raising Healthy, Purposeful Children. All live attendees will also be able to write individualized questions to Dr. Kevin via email and they will be answered within an hour after the webinar. Imagine having solutions to your problems instantly.  It’s accountability at your fingertips!

By restricting your practice to adults only, you are restricting your economics, fun and profit. Learn how to see kids the fast, easy way to permanently grow your practice inside or outside of insurance. Register now by clicking here!

See you on the 11th!